Popcorn & Firecrackers

Upon returning from the beach, our neighborhood was glowing!  In perfect timing to celebrate Easter, all is abloom: pear trees, plum trees, cherry, tulip, and peach trees, forsythia, daffodils, crocuses…just about everything it seems!

I keep thinking…it looks like popcorn and firecrackers everywhere!  The pear and cherry trees (the non-weeping sort) look like someone strung popcorn balls on dark branches.  And how I love the look of cherry trees with their ends sticking out a foot or two with no blooms, then all of a sudden, BANG! right at the end, a popcorn bloom or two or three!  Love that!  Looks like a firecracker has gone off in shades of white and pink!  Even the weeping cherries look like the firecrackers that burst and then droop, popcorn balls falling to the ground.  Wow!

And the forsythia, not pictured here, look like firecrackers on the ground, twisting and twirling their bright gold fronds every which a way.

Would that I were a poet…to somehow capture the explosiveness of Spring!  Sketches will just have to do:)

0 thoughts on “Popcorn & Firecrackers

  1. Dan Kent says:

    So light and easy – I can feel the breeze – Love your loose style and subtle colors. I think these are very good! And I do think you captured the sparkle of excitement in the air!

  2. ellen says:

    I was walking yesterday (my Easter resolution) and thought – I wish I could draw these trees!! I’m so grateful that you did.
    Happy Easter, Jennifer!

  3. Raena says:

    You have captured your excited in these! And it was so well said up there, that I have no doubt that you could be a poet if you really wanted!

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