Poppie Love


You’ll be seeing more Poppy paintings cuz I’m in luuvvv…the poppies this spring at the Ciener Botanical Gardens were droolingly gorgeous! I had just gotten out of the hospital and when I felt up to driving, it was one of the first places I took myself…to see what was blooming there. I was in no shape to sit and draw so I took lots of photos of the dripping reds and pinks. Yummy!

This one and the last one are now for sale in my Shoppe! πŸ™‚


**Note: When I work from a photograph, I do so in a similar manner to working from life. Just as I feel free to move things around (as I did in this recent post), I also feel free to eliminate extraneous material. That’s a fancy way of saying, that I only draw and paint what I feel is necessary to the rectangle image. Too much going on is quite simply too much! Don’t feel enslaved to every leaf, stem, or flower. And move the flowers around if that suits you. The photo is only a suggestion! You be the master. The same thing goes with color…let the photograph be a suggestion. DON’T try mixing exact colors to match what you see. I tend to punch up the color intensity. Or sometimes I lighten it…whatever feels right for conveying my love of the scene.

Oh…and by all means…LET THE WATERCOLOR OOZLE AND WAZZLE! This is watercolor’s most charming quality!! Let it flow, let it be. (Of course you CAN dab at it a tiny bit with a paper towel if it gets too out of hand:)

0 thoughts on “Poppie Love

  1. Ramona Ivan says:

    Wowzzers!!!! Is your art work ever beautiful! When I took Art History this year I learned (in theory) how difficult it is to work with water colours because once that paint goes on the canvas…that’s it…can’t change it. Working with watercolours takes distinct talent and you definitely have that and style! Thank you for posting! :0)

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh, your work is simply AMAZING!!! I am a poppy fan as well, and you did such a great job capturing their essence. Bravo!! (I’m a new member who found your link at “everyday matters.”)

  3. freebirdsings says:

    Beautiful! Nothing wrong with taking photos to use later when you got to feeling better. That fed your art soul at the time and now it’s feeding it again! Planned overs? lol. So glad you ARE feeling better.

    • freebirdsings says:

      Lucky you Mary. You beat me to the punch! Not that I have wall space to hang it but … Enjoy. Hope it does brighten your days!

      • maryo29Mary says:

        Aw…I would say I’m sorry….wish I could share it with you. I don’t have much wall space left for it either, but I plan to substitute it for another piece that isn’t so cheerful!

  4. maryo29Mary says:

    Jennifer, dear heart! It came today and I am thrilled! It will indeed brighten my days. And let me say that the photos online do NOT do your work justice. These poppies are even more more beautiful on the original than I could have hoped. Thank you so much!

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