Portrait #3: Angelica

There’s something about working on cheap paper…it’s a subliminal thing.  Freedom, spontaneity, relaxed shoulders that this is, really and truly, only paper, and not expensive stuff at that!  This is done in my trusty sketch book, a square Aquabee multi-purpose paper which I have loved for quite some time (a couple of years at least) for everything from pen, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, and yes, watercolor.  This is a portrait of that sweet gal who came and visited us this past spring…a friend of Maddie’s named Angelica (wink, wink).  Remember her?

I had several photographs of her visit and the light was pretty good in this one.  There’s something about watercolor I swoon over.  It’s really like a romance of sorts…from the first swoosh of color to the subsequent ones that oozle into each other…mmmm.  Here’s what I love the  most from this portrait:

Oooooh…when a girl with beautiful eyes meets watercolor…watch out!  So happy with this little portrait.  I won’t be so tickled with all 100 portraits, but if there are some good sections, like this one…I’ll be content!

0 thoughts on “Portrait #3: Angelica

  1. delph says:

    Her eyes, the glitter on her lips, her expression… what a fantastic portrait. Your use of watercolor throws me, it’s so good. I agree the work on the eyes is awesome. I never manage to use the colors the way I want – and looking at your painting, I think it’s also the way you use the white/don’t color everything, and play with the light, that makes such a fantastic effect.

  2. Deborah says:

    The eyes are what jumped out at me immediately – can’t say enough good about this portrait! And watercolor – oh yes, I agree with your love affair. And the Aquabee – love that sketchbook. AMAZING job, Jennifer!

  3. Janene says:

    This is a delightful portrait–her face has the look of just the right combination of mischievousness, kindness and insight that one wants in a friend. Her eyes say it all.

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