…(whispering) i don’t know if you’ve seen or not, but there’s a new gallery over in the right-hand margin of my blog.  It’s called Fine Art America.  I’m giving this a try as a way to offer prints, cards, and even canvas prints of my artwork.  I’d really love to know what you think!

…(whispering even more) and if you have a suggestion for me, feel free to let me know what drawing or painting you might like to see offered through Fine Art America.  I’m still debating whether to offer originals on Etsy.  Somehow I’m unable to let go of many of my drawings, sketches, and paintings in their original forms.  But this might just be the perfect way to make them available in all kinds of options with all kinds of price ranges.

I’ll be featuring some of the cool options in upcoming posts! Take a look at the CARDS! Big, 5 x 7, with the option to add a note inside! Cool. What a fabulous group, this Fine Art America bunch is! Eventually I’ll have lots of drawings and paintings in the Gallery, but for now, there are four to start with.  I’ll group them all into categories, such as Around Town, Fruits & Flowers, Whimsical, and Abstract. Keep an eye out for new ones to be added in the future.

And, of course, (shhhh…) whisper this to friend, if you like. 🙂

P.S.  Did you know??  There’s a lot going in the margin!!!  No, really, like in the right-hand margin of my blog.  I’ve got all kinds of fun stuff over there for you to peruse, and I’m adding things all the time!  When I check in with  my Google Reader to see the latest postings of the blogs I follow, I don’t get to see the margin areas (and I looove the margins! Crazy, huh?) So every now and then, I check in at the actual blog to see what might be there.  Anyhoo….

…there’s a life lesson for us here:  Lots of good stuff can be found in the margins of our lives, if we’ll only take the time to look!! 🙂

P.P.S. Last, but NOT least: A big THANK YOU to Ann Nemcosky of BlueBird Hill for her time spent with me on the phone letting me pick her brain about Fine Art America.  I’ve always loved how her work looked in all the options Fine Art America offers.  You should check out her offerings there as well! Stunning!

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  1. Deborah says:

    This is great to hear. Way to go getting your work out there without letting go of originals, which I find harder to do now that I’ve parted with so many and now wish I had some of them so much. money is spent & painting is gone.sort of like a piece of your heart.

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