Quaint Alley

Off Main Street, downtown Kernersville (or K’ville, as many of us call it), there’s a quaint little alley with a few shops and a restaurant, called the Bistro B.  Though you don’t see it well in this sketch, the Bistro is directly on your left with tables and umbrellas for dining outside.  I have loved this alley for many years and used to frequent it quite a lot when Salem Kitchen was in the spot where the Bistro is now.

As we drew, my friend, Debbie, and I reminisced about those days, for we used to hang and sell our artwork in Salem Kitchen.  They were so generous to us local artists to let us hang our work in there.  I miss those days.

There is SO much more to draw here…so many lovely things to draw, so little time:)

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  1. freebirdsings, Timaree says:

    Very nice sketch. It reminds me of a spot by my sister’s house in Oceanside, Ca. I like sketches like these to be able to go look at again so I can enjoy the area all over again. It’s a refreshing kind of spot from your drawing at least!

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