Quick Sketch & Slow Study


When you’re not feeling great physically, a quick sketch is the way to go. No planning. No lines.  Just attack the page with paint looking quickly between your subject and the paper. The above is an example of a quick sketch of another bouquet of flowers I received recently.

I love to make quick sketches! You can, if you want to, set a timer, for say 3 minutes or even just 1 minute. Do as much as you can within that time frame with whatever tools you want to work with…charcoal, pen, watercolor, or oil pastels. The primary value in making quick sketches is that it shuts off your analytical brain and allows your intuitive side full reign. The nearly always surprise me as to how fresh and unassuming these sketches are.



And later…when you’re feeling up to it, you can settle into a slower, more studied attempt. The key is to maintain some of that freshness and effortlessness you had in the quick sketch.

*The second painting here has been added to my Etsy Shop! 😉

**I hope today finds you able to put pen or paint to paper… quick sketches or slow studies…it will do you a world of good! I’m convinced that engaging in something artistic does indeed aid in our healing, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.

***And I hope these bouquets bring a bright spot to your day! Thank you all for your kind words you leave on my blog or on Facebook. I so appreciate it!

0 thoughts on “Quick Sketch & Slow Study

  1. Joann Peterson says:

    I only wish God had given me a little of the talent He gave you.

    Randy called and said you were beginning to feel stronger. I am so pleased.

    Sounds like the girls had a Good week at Camp.

    I pray that you will continue to heal.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. freebirdsings/Timaree says:

    In Sketchbook Skool Danny Gregory gave us an assignment to do a fast, then slow drawing. First he said to do a really quick sketch with the watercolor (although he only used one color there is no rule to doing that)and then to go back and redraw not worrying about trying to follow the lines of the fast drawing. Not quite what you did as you made more than one painting but evidently many see the value in quick sketches without pencil at times.

    Sure hope the healing kicks in soon!

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