Ready for a New School Year

Teacher work days start today for Genevieve! She is off to school with tons of ideas for fun art projects for her students, a grand vision for our Art Show in February, and some New Threads!!

Thanks to her family’s generosity on her Birthday, she’s now sporting some very Frenchy clothes (at least she thinks so!), like her new J.Jill outfit, a leather orange-flower purse, and some money for a pair of boots.  I haven’t actually purchased these yet, but I saw some the other day that looked oh-so-awesome!!!  But the price tag was NOT awesome, so I’m thinking of buying a less expensive pair of boots and possibly seeing if I can paint/stain the leather!!

If any of you out there know how this might be done…let me know! And yes, I know I should check out Pinterest…someone has prolly done this before!!

Thank you family, for getting me ready to start the school year in style!!

0 thoughts on “Ready for a New School Year

  1. Dr Cornelius Snorter says:

    Hello There 🙂
    Crikey…that’s a right fancy pair of boots you’ve been looking at! Shame about the price 🙁
    There has to be a way you could paint the leather – I did once stain some white beetle-crushers bright yellow (no one would walk with me) but I can’t remember what I used. I’m guessing acrylic paint would crack. It would be interesting to know what you could use to paint shoes/boots.

  2. Lynn says:

    Holy cow, those boots are awesome (as is the price tag). I hope Genevieve has a terrific school year. I work in a university library and I go back to work on Thursday. I can only hope I look as fashionable and as jaunty as she does.

  3. Elsie Hickey Wilson says:

    Oh, Give Genevieve a big hug! Been there done, done that for 43 years! The beginning of the school year means letting go of the blissful summer, but being ready to meet the kids with open arms! I don’t miss the “stuff” that seems to just keep getting dumped on you as you try to teach! But, Oh, I do miss the kidders and the smiles and the light bulbs going off as they learn! Have a great year Genevieve….and Jennifer!

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