Ready for Fall…finally!

At long last, I now have our fall decorations out…the wreath on the door, the table is adorned, and various pumpkins sit around the house here and there.  Not much, but it makes the home feel like fall, even if our temperatures don’t!

P.S. Don’t forget: if you want to contribute to Maddie’s Mission to raise funds for JDRF, click here!  Thank you to ALL of you who have donated! It tickles Maddie to see the little red thermometer go up!:)

0 thoughts on “Ready for Fall…finally!

  1. ellen says:

    You are way ahead of me in decorating–but I am optimistic about tonight–after dinner and grading papers and a walk and……

  2. nancy t says:

    I love fall decorations almost better than Christmas decor. There’s just something so cozy about it! I’m sure your home looks lovely – just like this painting. nancy

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