Ready Made Frames

Sometimes I look around me and see so many drawings and paintings clamoring to be put down on paper! It’s actually making me quite crazy lately!!!

I think it’s a pattern: during the busiest times of my life (like right now with end of school year, graduation, family events piling up on top of each other) I see more and more things I’m dying to draw and paint, to get down in my sketchbooks.  I feel a bit like a lake with a dam at one end.  The lovely rains and thunderstorms of Beauty have been falling and falling and the dam is just gonna burst!

I merely sit down, in my usual, everyday place and BAM! There they are in between the ready made frames of the railing and slats of our back deck.  Lovely little drawings inside each one!!  I could fill a whole sketchbook with just the views through each frame out on the deck!!  Oh dear me!

I truly need some sanity…so I’m off to get down maybe one or two of all the paintings and drawings that are buzzing around in my head.  If I don’t, I really will go mad!!*#&$%)@*(!*#(#^)^)!$))$ (not meant to be expletives, but just insanity!!!)))

I’m outta here!!!  You’ll find me in my studio.  Or on the deck.  Or up the hill in my Field.  Or downtown.  Or…

0 thoughts on “Ready Made Frames

  1. Lynda Redwitch says:

    Great post! There are always far too many images swirling around in my head too and I’m left thinking ‘need more art time, need more art time’! Love the frames sketch – great
    idea. You are so inspirational – thank you 🙂

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