Rescued Minutes

“Rescued” a few minutes from my hectic, getting-ready-for-the-start-of-school days, by sitting on my back deck and playing around with pens, watercolor, and crayons.  Perhaps it reflects the frenetic sense of my life these days…but it is still colorful and festive!  My kids first day of school is the same as my first day of teaching, returning to teach art part-time at a local private school.  I really can’t wait until life settles down into school rhythm.  I’m not sure that it’s really “settling down”, but it at least has a few more predictable hours to it.  Can’t wait to paint and draw more…oops, gotta run!

0 thoughts on “Rescued Minutes

  1. Alex Tan says:

    Gorgeous colors, and beautiful angle =)
    I’d like to thank you for your suggestion you gave me earlier to make cards out of my urban sketch(my first one) and finally after 3 months, they are printed and in local shops and local tourist centers. I’d like to extend my appreciation to your words and send you one of the cards if I may. You could provide me with your address through my email, and I’ll try to write something on the card as well =)
    Thank you!

  2. Resi says:

    I’m a busy mom, too, and I love your term “rescued” for finding the time and space to creata when it seems like we’re too busy. I’m adopting that term – thank you! And, what a lovely piece you made on the porch. I get a sense of both energy and “home” when I look at it.

  3. Jesse/Joan says:

    Aren’t you moving as well? Good heavens! You’ve got a very full plate? Hopefully, you’ll have some breathing room before or after the school starts in order to pack up and go. I don’t know how you do it, I’ve lived in the same house for 32 yrs. The move from the coast, San Diego, to the desert of Las Vegas, was so traumatic I never want to repeat moving…ever.

    Love your work, I want to be like you when I grow up, paintwise.

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