Resurrection Shawl


When I received the diagnosis that I had Ulcerative Colitis, and the medicines that were intended to put it into remission, I had such hope of recovery! I wanted to make something through the recovery period that would be a part of  my healing and then represent God’s faithfulness to me as I wrapped it around me.  The above drawing is what I sketched out as I envisioned this shawl. I was also asking my Father that I might be well enough to wear it on Easter Sunday. I drew this in mid March.

As events played out, I was unable to wear this Easter Sunday. I had my colon removal surgery on Good Friday and was in the hospital on Easter. I couldn’t knit during the three weeks I was there, too many pic lines and iv’s going in and out to make it a comfortable endeavor. But when I got home, I began, very slowly to continue work on what I was calling my Resurrection Shawl.  Here are some pics of different views of it. I have been so pleased with how it turned out. Crocheted flowers appliquéd onto a loosely knitted simple shawl. I used all kinds of things to knit with: lace, ribbon, and all sorts of colors and textures of yarn. A few things changed from the original sketch. It was so fun to see it come to life.









And this past Sunday, I felt well enough to go to church and sit with my church family to worship. I wore my Resurrection Shawl as a testimony to my Heavenly Father’s faithfulness to carry me through a rather horrendous ordeal. He is still carrying me…knitting me together one day at a time. 🙂



**I am beginning the process of combining my three blogs into one. It may take a while, but you will start to see some changes here at Drawn2Life as other Pages are added, and blog posts are slurped in.  I’m very excited to have all my creative loves under one roof! Like the tagline I recently changed at the top: “Drawing, Knitting, Illustration, Crochet…it’s all Life, it’s all Good!”

0 thoughts on “Resurrection Shawl

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Diane! That website is crazy…I especially liked the bicycles that have been “bombed”! Yarn makes everything happy.:) Thank you for commenting today!

  1. Sherie Holden says:

    Jennifer, this is absolutely beautiful. A true testament to your recent journey that you are on! Stay strong! Sherie.

  2. Karen Culler says:

    Jennifer, this is absolutely beautiful, just as you are. And I love what you call it. Think about you often and have kept you and your family in my prayers.

  3. Suzy says:

    Jennifer, your knitted and crochet Resurrection shawl is beautifully done and aptly named. Your sketch book page is lovely to look at as well, recording the idea and then seeing the sketches come to life is amazing. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing your faith and testimony of our Father’s loving grace. Blessings.

  4. Dr Cornelius Snorter says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    What a fantastic shawl – not something I would wear 😉 but it looks great on you 🙂
    Creativity is helping me and helping you through a bad time.
    My thoughts are with you – get well soon Jennifer.

  5. Elsie Hickey Wilson says:

    Tears of joy flowing! Such beauty and that beauty extends to you in that last wonderful photo! The Father speaks though you and your creation! May the road of headling continue! Blessings!

  6. *Wisher* says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Thank you for your inspiration work. I hope you are well and healthy now. Wishing you quick recovery. Totally love the shawl.

  7. jenpedwards says:

    Oh thank you thank you to everyone who has posted a comment here! You have truly made my day! It is gray and threatening rain here today, but every time I receive a comment, my phone sets off a cheerful little ping! Thank you all!

  8. freebirdsings says:

    The painted page is great but the real deal is stunning! I love it.
    I am so glad you are well enough to be able to go to church with your family. Bet lots of people said hi and oohed and aahed over your shawl. Your girls must be so relieved to know you are getting better at last!

    It was over an Easter weekend when my husband ended up in the hospital because he had kidney cancer (found that out because of not being able to pass a blood clot which sent him to emergency). My daughter and her kids were visiting so they went to the hospital on Easter morning. My husband came down to the lobby which was almost empty to watch the kids hunt Easter eggs which my daughter and son-in-law hid for them. I guess sometimes Easter hits us with the tomb side of things but mostly we get the resurrection side.

    • jenpedwards says:

      I am sorry about your husband…I hope he is alright now! I love how y ou described life as hitting us the the tomb side of Easter but thst we mostly get the resurrection side. How true. Thank you for sharing your story Timaree!

  9. Deby says:

    Your shawl is stunning! You are such an inspiration, in many ways. I’m so glad you are healing and continue to bless us all with your words and art!

  10. maria says:

    Your smile is glorious! The shawl is stunning. And praising Our Heavenly Father for all His Blessings 🙂 m.

  11. boekwrm says:

    May all the faith that is knitted in this shawl help you on your path to recovery. It is a beautiful work of hope. You are a true inspiration, thanks so much!

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