Retro Sock Box


This is one of  my favorite things! 

If the internet had been around back in the 1960’s and 70’s, my mom’s creations would’ve been all over Pinterest and shared amongst craft blogs! This is one of her upcycled lunch boxes…a Thermos brand tin lunch box that originally came with a thermos inside, all costing a whopping $1.75 (she thinks:).


Yet she transformed them into functional works of art! This one was given as a gift to her mother-in-law, my grandma Catherine. The outside was painted  rose, grandma’s favorite color, and decoupaged beautifully!


Inside, mom added quilted dotted swiss fabric in pale blue (a perfect color for the rose!).  This lining has only slightly discolored over the years, and is intact perfectly all around.


I had been using it to keep my buttons in, but now it has a new purpose!


For my recent sock knitting craze, it will now be my Sock Box! I can tote this around the house and with me wherever I go, complete with tiny crochet hook (for catching dropped stitches), a tape measure, and Susan B. Anderson’s FREE sock pattern.  Click here for her wonderful, easy to read pattern.


My  mom paid attention to every detail, adding decorations, and even felt pads on the bottom.  You can still see the raised imprint of the Thermos company name there.


Mom feels pretty certain she made this before I turned 5 years old! That means this treasure is about 40+ plus years old! I love that!


And I’m gonna love using it to carry my sock making stuff in! Aren’t you jealous???? (in a good way, of course!)

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