Saturday Sewing

Yes, there’s smoke rising from my sewing machine…I painted our living room on Thursday and have now been making curtains, pillows, and covering a hassock…well I haven’t gotten to the hassock yet. But I’m having so much fun! It’s amazing how a new color can enliven your home and heart. I found the PERFECT fabrics at Hancock Fabrics in Winston. I think I can even enjoy our old (and I mean olde) furniture now. The curtains look beautiful and I dropped some fabric behind our “olde” armoire (half the back is knocked out of it to accommodate all the wires) and it gave light to an otherwise dark hole. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the hassock (I have a cool idea to try) and pillows…perhaps I’ll even photograph them to share with you. So my lovely Saturday sewing will turn into Sunday sewing as well. How delightful!

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