Scarf Weather

Lately, we’ve been having scarf weather! I love it when it’s cool enough to wear a scarf around my neck. As the season continues, I move from wearing the light and airy scarves to thicker, woolier scarves. What is it about this long rectangle of color and softness that we wrap around our necks? I’m not convinced it is merely for warmth. There’s a decorative factor there as well. I have a friend who travels to France often and she says French women are rarely without a scarf…vive le foulard! I think I would love life in France:)

I’m pretty sure the number one gift to give and to make at Christmas is THE SCARF. Have you noticed that? It also happens to be, typically, the first project a new knitter or crocheter tackles; and he/she usually succeeds. There are SO many knit & crochet patterns for scarves…one could spend one’s entire yarn career making nothing but scarves, and probably still not make all the patterns that are out there. And so I add to the throng, a Simply Woven Scarf. At least, it looks woven with the lovely v-stitches. I’ve made several of these for gifts and for myself, long ones, short ones, medium ones, out of fine yarns, thick yarns, textured yarns, smooth yarns. The pattern allows for SO MANY variations, it is really like getting lots of patterns in one.

I’ve had so many people tell me that the only thing they can knit or crochet is a scarf. To this I answer,”If you can knit/crochet a scarf, you can make almost anything!” My next posts will show you what I mean.

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  1. Alex Tan says:

    Lovely drawing! I like how you drew movement, wind blowing and the scarf is just flowing along. Beautiful background, nice gradient…and again, absolutely adore those splattered parts ^^

  2. ellen says:

    The scarf is this watercolor is awesome–the ends remind me of those socks I used to wear with the colored balls in the back. I wonder if those socks are still around.
    I’m making my own Simply Woven right now, with pumpkin wool. Yummo pattern!

  3. mary says:

    i am a long-time knitter and can make simple and complicated projects. however, i prefer the smaller project, including hats and scarves. i also like knitting socks. come christmas, one can make many gifts by knitting hats and scarves and mittens. and, they are protable — i find it easier to knit in public than to draw/paint in public — and my dad was an artist and painted-enjoying it too-in public all of the time!

  4. donna noble says:

    I love your watercolors. You have such style. And I also wear lots of scarves. My motto is ” you can never have too many scarves!”

  5. Ed Pilkington says:

    O.K., so I’m your Dad. I should be proud, right? Well, I want to tell you that this is really special stuff Jennifer from the perspective of one artist to another, irregardless of the relationship. There is whimsey and color and boundless life energy in what you do, be it drawing, painting or knitting. Keep on feeling HIS pleasure.

  6. danscanvas says:

    This sketch has such a happy, airy and innocent quality to it! I like it! By the way – that scarf thing? – it hasn’t caught on here in Miami yet. 😉

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