Once-a-month-blogging…hmmm. Not the ideal, but better than none at all. Life has sure been cruising at a blistering speed lately. But somehow, little jewels get made. It’s often in the margins of our lives, the itty-bitty bits of time here and there, that offer opportunities for creativity, if we will just take them. This fun jacket for my youngest came about when the Red Heart Kooky yarn went on sale at our local Walmart. I had five balls…surely enough for the idea I had in my head for this sweater. I got all the way to only one sleeve left and ran out of yarn. I told our Knit Wits group about my dilemma, and came home later in the afternoon to find one ball of the very same yarn, dye lot and everything, hanging on my door!! I called the Knit Wits friend I thought might know about this, and she indeed had gone to Walmart to “double check” for me. She had found just one ball there under other Kooky colors. How wonderful is that! My kindergartener has worn it everyday since I finished it. It’s great to have yarn buddies…we all help each other accomplish our dreams and whims!

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