Shout from the Rooftops!


As different medications were given to me to try and put the Ulcerative Colitis into remission, I did experience some improvement. And when I did, I wanted to shout it to the world! When you’ve been so miserable, ANY appearance of possible improvement is so exciting!!

But it was very short lived. Only a day or two actually, before my symptoms would go back to what they were, or worse. This pattern continued even in the hospital, as high doses of IV steroids were administered and then a round of Remikade. We all really hoped the Remikade would do the trick. But my colon kept on swelling as the Colitis took over my entire colon. My doctor said the pathology of my disease was rare, in that it was so aggressive and fast growing. Many people who suffer from Ulcerative Colitis are able to manage it with medications and live somewhat “normal” lives, some even without it recurring for years and years. Others endure years of trying different medications, in and out of the hospital to put the disease back into remission.

In many ways, I am very grateful that I will not have to endure years of battling this. To have this disease get to the point, very quickly, where it was about to perforate my colon, was in many ways a mercy. My amazing surgeon caught it just before it perforated, saving me from an even worse ordeal. And now, the colitis is gone! Gone! I am so, so very thankful and relieved.

Now Genevieve can shout from the rooftops, “I’m cured! I’m cured!” Now it’s just a matter of healing from the surgery and getting used to my new normal with the ileostomy. These things seem minor in comparison to what I’ve gone through. There is so much to be thankful for!

*I was able to make my daughter’s oatmeal this morning…and I was grateful that I’m alive to do that.

*I was able to go to church yesterday, cry through the songs, hug people’s necks…and I was so thankful to be able to do that.

*I am able to walk a bit stronger and for a little longer each day…I am so grateful I’m seeing improvement.

*I am needing pain medications less and less…so thankful for that!

*So many little things each day…I try to record them, so I can remember on the days that seem like I’m going backwards in improvement. And there are days like that. They are hard. I try to just be where I am and remember that this too shall pass. And when it does…I have something else to be grateful for!

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  1. Elsie Hickey Wilson says:

    Whooooo Hoooooo! Good news! I know that as you can sleep more and “Go” less at night you will be more rested and stronger! Good job on the “Baby Steps”! I’m still sending healing thought and keeping you in my prayers! Big Hug!

  2. Suzy says:

    Whoo Hoo! That is wonderful news! I’m a new follower to your blog and I just want to say that I’ve been inspired by your “mini life lessons” series. Drawing everyday events is fun and a great way to keep a visual journal. Thank you. AND I will also be praying for your swift recovery!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Suzy! Thank you so much for commenting here and letting me know you’ve been reading through the Mini Drawing Lessons! I hope it helps you to drawcument your life in some way. And thank you so much for your prayers!! I really appreciate that.

  3. Marie says:

    So glad you are on the road to recovery. My father has had the same operation but he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2000 and had a colostomy. A couple of years later he had to have the ileostomy. He has been really fit and active ever since. Keep taking the baby steps and wishing you the very best recovery possible. Sending you a big hug and thanks for your lovely blog xx

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Marie for this encouraging story about your dad! I hope to get back to my 3 mile walks in my neighborhood and being as active with family, church, and work as I was. I so appreciate you visiting here and commenting!

  4. Timaree freebirdsings says:

    This really sounds like something I hope I never get! I didn’t even know what it was and had to go do a search for it. I sure hope this is truly done for you and you only get well completely and fast. Pain medication isn’t fun either so I hope the pain goes away rapidly. You must be on your way though since you are trying to keep your blessings in mind for the off days meaning their are good days beginning to pile up. At least that is what I am gathering g from your post.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Timaree,
      you definitely do NOT want to get this! It is a horrible disease, especially when it is aggressive. Thanks so much for continuing to visit me and place comments!

  5. jenpedwards says:

    Thank you one and all for your presence here, and your lovely comments! I am so blessed by your kind words!

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