Simply Rectangles

If you can knit a scarf, you can knit almost anything! I mentioned this last week, and I want to begin to show you how this is true. So many things, both knitted & crocheted, are actually glorified scarves. By that I mean, they are simply rectangles that have been draped over shoulders, added to other rectangles to make sweaters and vests, or folded into purses or shrugs. Genevieve is sporting a couple of examples of this. The above drawing is Origami Shrug, my latest design now on the website for purchasing the pattern. Seriously, it’s just a rectangle! It’ll make you giggle as you see how the folding happens, and how the simplest of embellishments (garter rows & ribbon) turn this rectangle into a piece of wearable art. This next drawing is of Dreamy Shawl. Most shawls are truly glorified scarves…rectangles endowed with lovely stitches, embellishments, or in this case, COLOR and TEXTURE. You can really let your inner artist bloom when you knit this shawl.

When I teach knitting & crocheting, I aim for students to understand “concepts” even more than being able to “read instructions”. When you understand the concept behind a piece of knitting or crocheting, you are empowered to really be successful in making it AND to go beyond the instructions and “make it your own”. This is my hope for you if you wish to knit these projects. My patterns certainly give you the “instructions” you need, but go a step further in helping you understand the “concept” behind each piece AND to give you some ideas for Variations on the Theme.

I often think this is true in life as well. It’s so easy for me to get bogged down in “do the list” living…just following the directions. But when I look up, open my eyes, see the lovely forest (not all the individual trees), and peek behind the veil so-to-speak, I begin to see the beauty in it all, the overarching concept behind my life and the lives of others around me. Taking time to consider the beauty, instead of blindly moving through the “musts” in my day, allows for larger living, a more grateful heart, and a little extra spring in my step.

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