Snow-capped Bales


Snow-capped Bales. Watercolor. 9″x12″.

Mr. Whicker had some hay bales dropped off on the wide end of his field up on Silver Dapple Lane. Seeing as how I LOVE hay bales, I just had to draw them with their snow hats on. As I walked in the freshly fallen snow last Wednesday, Mr. Whicker came down the lane in his blue tractor. He stopped to chat for a bit on his way to pick up one of the bales to take to his cows there in the field behind his barns. He said he hoped the cows like it. When I inquired about this, (not realizing that cows can be quite particular about their hay), he said he took some of this hay to cows of his on other land and they didn’t take to it right away. He’s hoping this group of cows will have a liking for it. I guess, cows get used to the same ole same ole, and actually prefer it to something new.

Unlike me, a new fresh bale of hay does NOT seem *magical* to cows.

**Both the above and the previously posted watercolor painting have been added to my Etsy Shoppe! 😉 **

0 thoughts on “Snow-capped Bales

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Love your dad’s take on the hay bales! My goats would like some batches of hay more than others. They really liked it when it was full of leafy stuff but that is actually not as good for them (unlike horses) as the stalks. I guess cows can be picky too. We humans too often think God gave only us desires and preferences. His whole creation is wonderfully diverse isn’t it? Not even a cow is boring!

    • jenpedwards says:

      I love that thought, that all creatures have desires and preferences. Truth be told…I DO actually get stuck in ruts where I don’t want anything to change! But change is usually a good thing. Hope you’re able to breathe a bit now with birthday celebrations over for a bit.

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