Springtime Cardigan

Ahhh Spring…the hint of warmer days…the color of phlox and creeping jenny, the fluff of cherry trees, the allergies…well, all in all it is a glorious time of year. To celebrate, I made this lovely cardigan by one of my favorite crochet designers, Alicia Paulson. This is her “Millie” cardigan from the splendiferous new book titled Vintage Crochet. If you love to crochet, this is a “must” book, filled with lots of things I’m dying to make. This cardigan is the first. I chose Cotanani, a delicious yarn by Mirasol, made of 60% cotton, 40% merino wool (perfect for these cool spring days) instead of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. Come fall, I’ll have to make one out of that luscious stuff, but I wanted a cotton for spring. I chose a perfect color for spring—the color of our phlox. I’m not sure if I have the tie’s right or not…she said to leave them unfinished and allow them to fray, but mine are really shedding and fraying and aren’t quite like the photo, but I’ll go with it for now and if it gets too furry, I’ll adjust. I’m putting finishing touches on a sweater for my daughter…I’ll show you soon. Enjoy spring. It always seems so fleeting. If I can, I’ll start crocheting outside on our deck…and take my allergy meds.

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  1. Ellen Murphy says:

    Oh wow, this is your phlox sweater you had on last night in class! Fantastic–very lovely. Hope your week is great. Ellen

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