Stash Enrichment…

Among all the lovely things I received this Christmas was a gift certificate to a yarn shop in Boone. I wasn’t able to stay long enough to enjoy browsing and redeeming the gift certificate, so I went back up to visit my parents a few days after our Christmas travels. I was able to go “sans enfants” and therefore spend as much time as my mom and I liked perusing the yarn shop and making just the perfect choices. These lovely balls of Tonalita were among the final picks. As I drove home relishing the beauty of winter colors, I realized they were ALL in the yarns I had picked out. It amazed me to see outside my car windows, the dusty blue of the winter sky, the hay colored “weeds” on the sides of the roads, the bluish gray of the slightly damp road, the hazels, chocolates, dark browns, beiges and to see all of this in the bag of yarn sitting happily next to me. I do think color is a very powerful thing. It has an imperceptible influence on me. And it isn’t only the bright happy colors that bring joy…I’m finding a real connection with these rich, dark, misty colors and I can’t wait to dive in, make something out of them, and wear them. I’ll show you when I’m done.

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