Summer Madness!

These are a few of my favorite things…lately. Two blankets, a shawl, and a swatch for working out just-the-right combination of these yarns to work into a summer jacket. I must be crazy to have so many going right now, but it’s just too much fun to flit from one project to another, nothing ever gets laborious or old. Toss in a washcloth or two for gifts along with plans to make three other summer sweaters and you’ll definitely think I’ve lost a marble or two…now you know why my husband calls me the bag lady–literally bags and bags of yarn all over the house either in process or waiting for me to begin. Every now and then I put myself on a yarn “diet”, or rather a “yarn shop” diet. This is my attempt to allow the ever-swelling bags of yarn to shrink a bit, but I haven’t been very disciplined about sticking to my diet of late. I saw a tote bag for my yarns that was very hard to resist buying…it had a picture of a gal running with knitting needles in hand and the ball of yarn trailing behind her. The caption underneath was “So much yarn, so little time!”

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