Pensieve Paintings

Some day, and maybe someday quite soon, I want to paint really big abstract paintings. Yeah, this is nothing new. I have wanted to do this for many years. All kinds of reasons blocks rise up when I go to actually make these little ones on a larger scale...i don't have time, no one would … Continue reading Pensieve Paintings

Fiber As Medium

Making lines with a pen is grand. Splashing on a little watercolor is divine. But drawing and painting with fibers seems to take artistic expression to a different plane altogether. Freeform crochet allows me to create lines for sure. As I choose the yarns in all their varied colors and textures, it's as if my … Continue reading Fiber As Medium

A Day at the Beach…

"A day at the beach is like silk in your hands..." I dunno. Even though there's sand and salty water, it's just how it feels to me...silky, blythe days unfurling in color and doodles.P.S. I'm using my ipad for blogging, including taking the pictures. The color is not nearly so vibrant as the actual page … Continue reading A Day at the Beach…

Drawing Your Life Mini Lesson #9

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you! Purchase this in my ETSY shop HERE. Just $12 to Discover Your Life Beautiful…One Drawing At A Time! Sincerely, Jennifer Edwards