Painting with Leaf & Flower


I’ve been thinking about Carol lately. Wondering if she is out in her butterfly garden getting it ready for spring and a new season of winged visitors. I imagine her deciding to move a plant or two, adding in a few more of this or that, trying something different to attract her favorite species of butterflies. I’ve often thought that master gardeners are artists who instead of pen and paint, create with leaf and flower.


I am now certain of this as I had the opportunity to create a painting of her garden for her earlier this year. I had the privilege of visiting Carol and her masterful garden in the fall of 2015. The butterfly garden was at its peak, just on the verge of diminishing for the cold season ahead. Cockscomb, zinnia, cleome and numerous other flowering plants rioted the front face of Carol’s home. She probably has a difficult time getting her guests to come indoors as they would surely want to amble around seeing all the gorgeous blooming. How could I paint such beauty?


I honestly wasn’t sure I was equal to the task. This is a case where the beauty of what one is to capture on canvas seems to overshadow one’s ability to harness it in paint. I took a deep breath, said a little prayer, and dove in.


She was happy with the results. I could not have been more pleased that she welcomed these paintings into her home with such joy and generosity. And I am tickled with the results as well. Especially that I had a chance to get to know such a wonderful  artist/gardener who lives in my town.


***These paintings were created as a triptych. The center painting is 24″ x 24″. The side paintings are 18″ x 24″. (This final image is cropped from the right-hand painting.) Acrylic on canvas.

The Thing About Knitting…

The difficult thing about knitting is that  i  t       i    s        s  o       s     l       o       w   .  Much like the Slow Food Movement, knitting or crocheting anything is truly the opposite of our instant gratification world.  Perhaps we need to have a Slow Clothes Movement, or Slow Gift Movement. Making anything is WAY slower than buying it, and if you have to make it stitch by stitch, then the going is even slower.  Sometimes this irritates me.  I get an idea and I want to be able to sit down and crank it out!  Nope.  Not  w  h   e    n     y   o    u      k       n        i         t    !

And yet…the awesome thing about knitting is that  i  t       i    s        s  o       s     l       o       w   .  Like drawing, I can almost feel my heartbeat slow down as I knit.  Click, click, c l i  c   k,  c  l   i     c      k… on and on, even if its only for a few rows.  I like the repetitive nature of it, especially when I’m not using a pattern with extensive instructions.  I’m still working on Brown Sweater.  Actually, I have all the knitting and assembly done.  Now I’m working on the embellishments.  Maybe by Christmas I’ll finish it.  Maybe.  Life has definitely ramped up a bit here in November and I know December won’t be any slower.

Unless I knit!  Do you think that between knitting and drawing, I could actually slow t  i   m   e      d    o     w      n   .    .    .    ?

I do wish it worked that way! 😉

Baby Step #10: A Zine of My Own

Oh my goodness, I am just tickled pink to offer this little booklet to you! It’s my first “zine” which I’m calling an Art Zine since it’s a compilation of my drawings, paintings, and writings, some of which is from my blogs, Drawn2Life and Drawn2Be! and some of which has never been seen on either blog.

I’ve titled this Zine: Thoughts on Drawing & Life.  Here are some of the topics you will read about:
*Why do I draw?
*My favorite ways to draw.
*Why I draw the way I do.
*How drawing speaks to my everyday life.
*Things I learn from the act of drawing.
*A poem about Drawing.

And, of course, each topic is “illustrated” by sketches, drawings, and paintings by Jennifer Edwards (me:). All totalled, there are 20 images of these drawings, paintings, etc. with a couple of “excerpts” from other artwork.

The Zine has 20 pages, printed professionally on Premium paper. The Zine measures 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

If you’d like one, you can order it through my Etsy shop, and I’ll send it to you in a 3-ring page protector. This ensures against any water damage AND will allow you to add my future Zines to your collection in a mini-3-ring-binder. I will then place it in a cardboard mailer to ensure further protection from bending.

I’m also signing and numbering each Zine!

**AND..for the first 10 of you who order a Zine, I will include a Genevieve bookmark and a small piece of Origami, folded by me:)!

I really do hope you will enjoy this…they would also make a lovely gift to someone.

***To THOSE OF YOU WHO LIVE NEAR ME, please send me a message either in the comment here, or through Etsy, or just call me if you’d like to pick it up from me.  No need to pay the shipping and handling costs if we see each other on a regular basis!!

****MY NEXT POST:  Why I’m Drawn2Zine!  Y’all come back now, ya here?