Be All In! Right Where I Am


Due to my very FULL life 😉 I have not been able to draw on Fridays with my friend Debbie for a few weeks. I miss it so much! And today is no exception…I will miss being there, tracing the lines of the autumn flowers in the beautiful setting at the Ciener Botanical Gardens.


But I will be with the sweetest of T1D kids, my beautiful daughter Maddie as we go to the Joslin Diabetes Center for a check up with Kathie Cooper, Diabetes Educator Extraordinaire. The Botanical Gardens can wait.  I will relish this time with my rising 6th grader, as there will be many Fridays coming up where she will be in a classroom and I won’t be able to spend time with her.


Note: This is another key to Artful Living!

I am tired of wishing I were somewhere else, doing something else,

when I could embrace what I have right in front of me, and find joy and beauty there!

*You do know, that I am preaching to myself more than I am to any of you!

But since you’re here, can I hear an “Amen!” ? 🙂

Ready for a New School Year

Teacher work days start today for Genevieve! She is off to school with tons of ideas for fun art projects for her students, a grand vision for our Art Show in February, and some New Threads!!

Thanks to her family’s generosity on her Birthday, she’s now sporting some very Frenchy clothes (at least she thinks so!), like her new J.Jill outfit, a leather orange-flower purse, and some money for a pair of boots.  I haven’t actually purchased these yet, but I saw some the other day that looked oh-so-awesome!!!  But the price tag was NOT awesome, so I’m thinking of buying a less expensive pair of boots and possibly seeing if I can paint/stain the leather!!

If any of you out there know how this might be done…let me know! And yes, I know I should check out Pinterest…someone has prolly done this before!!

Thank you family, for getting me ready to start the school year in style!!


It’s been far too long since I last posted here on Drawn2Be!  But Genevieve has been dreamin’ up all sorts of fun creative stuff to do.  It can be difficult sometimes to even allow ourselves to dream…especially when life is so cram-full of other good stuff!  In so many ways, we live our dreams…our families, our work, our “down time” really and truly IS a living-out the dreams we once had and continue to enjoy.

But there are many more dreams we dream…where do they fit in? How do we move forward in them?  Genevieve is learning that Baby Steps go A LONG WAY to making some of her creative dreams come true.  And lately she’s been sprucing up her Etsy Shop to offer you some things she has so much fun making!  A few of her knit & crochet patterns are being offered here as well as in her Pattern Shop.  She’s added a new print to the shop…Wonder in the Weeds, which you can read about here.  And the most recent addition is a half-dozen Happy Day Birthday Boxes…a creation all her own for someone special in your life who might enjoy being celebrated by mail on their birthday.  Click here to see the half-dozen different crocheted cupcakes-in-a-box!  The box also comes with a bookmark for your “real paper” books; as well as a birthday card to personalize with your own message.

Many more dreams-in-the-works will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.  Please do keep visiting Genevieve here on Drawn2Be!  And if you’d like to be apprised of all the Drawn2Shoppe goings-on (like new additions, discounts & specials, etc.), please visit me on Facebook and “like” the fan page...I’d love for you to be a part of the fun!

And I do hope, that with a few Baby Steps of your own, perhaps you can move forward on some creative dreams of your own!

Wading in…

Genevieve waded into the icy waters of Lake Michigan recently! She started to shiver a bit, and to think.  If you want to read her thoughts on this, click here!

If not, just know that she ended up getting used to the chilly waters, enough to swim around a bit, have some fun, and get a bluish hue to her lips!

Hammock Living

Just wondering…

Is it possible to live one’s whole life as if one were in a hammock?

Can we move throughout our days with the same peace, serenity, and restfulness one has when one is in a hammock?

Kinda like the still eye of a hurricane?  or  the inner peace in Kung Fu Panda 2? 🙂

Genevieve would like this very much.


Whenever Genevieve travels to the mountains to visit her parents and siblings, she’s stunned by the beauty of the mountains.  She reminisces about her childhood summers spent on the catwalk, being Tom Carter’s daughter, dancing in colonial costumes, garden parties, indians, and “Ham, beans, corn, greens, sweet huckleberry pie…”  Oh, the ache.  A good one, but nevertheless a wistful haunting of simpler days, brief mountain showers, and living a creative life.  Even the Texas dirt doesn’t seem as yucky as it once was to put on each evening.  I LOVE that I have these memories.

The mountains hold them for me.  So does my husband and family.

P.S.  I grew up, every summer, on the stage of Horn in the West, in Boone, NC.  My father, Ed Pilkington, directed the outdoor drama for 20+ years.

This quote is taken from the opening lines of the play.

In the evening West, beyond the last mountain peak,

slowly dies the sun in a sea of bronze and crimson.

In its setting is the majestic assurance

that tomorrow will rise,

that a new day will dawn.

Always the hopes and dreams of mankind

lie not in the East,

but in the fiery land of the sunset.

The gaze of man is westward

as if he could glimpse,

somewhere beyond the great golden reaches of Eternity–

as though he could hear, blowing in the distant sunset,

the Horn of Freedom.


When one knits for a bit, one’s fingers begin to itch for crochet!  Well, at least this is true for Genevieve.  AND, if one can crochet or knit OUTSIDE…well, that’s just heaven! And we’ve been having some lovely weather for outdoor knitting and crocheting and drawing and…:)


It’s of some interest, when life goes on full tilt, to notice what we’re drawn to.  In the  midst of so many epic events of late, I pulled out yarn and needles.  An inexplicable desire to see and feel lovely colors flow through my fingers, to watch them become something, and to hear the click click of bamboo needles.  Lucy, Genevieve’s cat, was very jealous of lap time.  But I didn’t get to sit for very long.  Just a few minutes of knitting was all I needed.  Then stuff it in my purse, dash to the next thing, and when I had a moment to sit, click click again.

Now that things are slowing down a wee bit, I hope to get back to drawing more, keep on knitting and crocheting, and maybe even pet Lucy some.