It seems to me that one of the chief benefits of drawing is to allow us to really notice what’s right in front of us. I’ve been walking the sidewalks of our neighborhood, almost daily, for the past 17 years and I discover new things all the time. There are certainly days when I’m hunkered … Continue reading Noticing

An Artful Life Primer

The topic of this book began to take shape soon after my sickness and surgery in 2013. It was June. I'd been doing a lot of thinking, knitting and drawing as I continued to heal, grow stronger and get used to life without a colon. I stood at the sink washing dishes in the beach … Continue reading An Artful Life Primer

Living Now

The difficulty of living now on this side of sickness and surgery, has been I know that sounds crazy and messed up. But there it is. In sickness or trial of any kind, there's an intensity to life. A laser sharp focus. No matter how yucky the circumstance may be, there's nevertheless a funneling … Continue reading Living Now

The Measure of a Life

The true measure of  an artist's life is NOT *in how many drawings one makes *nor in how "good" they are *nor how much money they fetch... ...but rather in a stouthearted search for beauty in everything: *in the little as well as the big *in the mundane and the magical *in calm as well … Continue reading The Measure of a Life

Today’s Gold

I watched as the dark lines of trees against a subtly colored sky whirred past. From my vantage point in the way back of our van, there was nothing else for me to do. An hour's drive with a car full, I have opted for this seat to allow longer legs more room. It is … Continue reading Today’s Gold