Discover Your Life Beautiful…One Drawing At A Time

Do you long to find meaning in your life, just as it is? Would you like to be able to sketch and draw more freely? Are you looking for a way to focus on the good things in your life and even help you deal with the challenges? Years ago, I wrote a lesson a … Continue reading Discover Your Life Beautiful…One Drawing At A Time

Sketchbook Chat!

I am excited to offer a new way to share my sketchbook with you! This is the first in a series of Sketchbook Chats where I will share with you anywhere from a few pages in my sketchbooks or a tour of a whole one (as you will see here). My aim is to inspire you … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat!

Cast On

Here's where it all starts. Make a slip knot and begin. Cast on a desired number of stitches and then work the rest of the piece from there. There's no way around it really. You have to cast on. Even if it's only two stitches. Or two hundred. This is how we begin. Yet it … Continue reading Cast On

Pointier Points & Other Weighty Matters

I mean, who really cares about whether the points on a knitted washcloth are pointier than previously knitted? I certainly don't care one way or the other...but therein lies the fun of it all! So, I finally finished my Hitchhiker Shawl, and oh what a nail-biting finish that was! Only about 2 1/2 inches of … Continue reading Pointier Points & Other Weighty Matters

Yarned In!

I don't know what comes over me! If there's even the slightest prediction of snow accumulation above one inch, I seem to go into a trance. A yarn trance that is. Creative cogs in high gear, I pull down yarns from various sections of the house, putting them in my big white bowl to see … Continue reading Yarned In!

*New Pattern!

Finally!! I've added a new pattern to my Etsy Shop! It's a sweater and sweater/vest I've been wanting to offer for quite some time. It just takes time to write a pattern properly, with all the information you want to offer so that others can be successful in making it. Appalachian Comfort  A Beginner Sweater (with … Continue reading *New Pattern!


My life is barreling in directions I'm unsure whether I really want to go. Our son is beginning his senior year of high school. Our oldest goes back for her junior year in college. Our youngest begins 7th grade. Am I ready for this? I feel inside a fragility about it all. An uncertainty as … Continue reading *Life

Fresh Start

Have you ever wanted to take a new path for a while? Have you ever wanted a fresh new page in your sketchbook? Or perhaps an entirely new sketchbook designated to a particular subject matter? This is what's been brewing in my creative mind and heart lately. Change comes ever so slowly sometimes. Flashes, glimpses … Continue reading Fresh Start

Welcome All!

I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for visiting! Embarking on a new adventure can be a bit scary, but I am filled with excitement as I have SOOO many ideas and plans for us here on Knitterly Arts. Whether you are an avid knitter/crocheter, or a beginner, or just enjoy drawings and thoughts on … Continue reading Welcome All!