Following a Hunch

I posted this close-up pic on Instagram and had a hunch that I would paint it and possibly add some elements of collage. I wasn't sure though. So I started out slowly drawing the contours in pencil. So many times, I am unclear as to how I will proceed with a drawing/painting, but just beginning, … Continue reading Following a Hunch

Whoa Nellie!!

I nearly bolted out of bed Thursday morning! I was not expecting that. The three days prior had worn me out...I figured I would have a tough time making myself get up. Monday I hung our school art show all day. Monday night we enjoyed the art show and all the amazing work my students … Continue reading Whoa Nellie!!

I would be…

Bird in Winter That bird out there, he thinks it’s Spring! In frigid frost his pipes do sing. Through the dark night he carries his tune. As morn reveals the barren waste, he croons. He seems unaffected by Winters’ harshness. Does he not see the bare trees leafless? He chirps on though cold he must … Continue reading I would be…

Christmas Treasures

Christmas Memories Oh the ache of Christmas, of the years rolling by, of children growing…I cannot stop it, no matter how hard I try. Middle boy says at table- “I don’t get it this year… It doesn’t seem like Christmas Yet it’s almost here. It’s a week away and it feels like any other. The … Continue reading Christmas Treasures

It’s Christmastime!

Come With Me I have so much to share with thee, my online reader and friend, I think I shall post--'til the day that I toast-- the New Year coming 'round the bend. So here I go a rhyming sharing poems present and past. So we can enjoy the season making merry with mirth 'til … Continue reading It’s Christmastime!

My Lollipop Girls & Memory Lane

I'm trying to gather myself after last night's Art Show. It was the culmination of weeks and months of preparation and planning, of vision and hard work.  Though it was an amazing evening, which I'll share with you someday soon, it is always a bit de-centering.  I do still have much left to do to … Continue reading My Lollipop Girls & Memory Lane

Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 3

Terror and Wonder Two thousand or so years ago, a baby entered this world. The golden drop of Heaven descended into a manger of hay.  Events surrounding His descent were filled with terror and wonder. Shepherds were terrified at a Bright Being telling them Good News of His arrival. These same shepherds later marveled at … Continue reading Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 3

Little Bird

A little pink bird sits in the Christmas tree in my studio sunroom.  He looks out at me from the white branches (fake table-top tree:) as I sit every morning to sip  guzzle coffee, to read and reflect. This is one of my newly acquired ornaments this year. I've spruced up this little tree, as … Continue reading Little Bird

Drawing Friends

  Drawing with friends downtown Kernersville has been one of the highlights of my week since last Spring. We started out at the Factory and kept drawing through the summer there. then we moved to the Ciener Botanical Gardens in the fall and now we draw at Eclections, a wonderful artisan booth space with a … Continue reading Drawing Friends

Maddie’s Menagerie

It's been a while since I've shown you the menagerie that lives on Maddie's bed.  The first drawings I made of the critters she houses were when she was in second grade, and then third grade, and fourth.  Now, as  a fifth grader with her double bed (we switched out rooms and furniture when our … Continue reading Maddie’s Menagerie