Whose Fields These Are


Whose fields these are…



Whose fields these are I think I know…

His house presides o’er fence below.


His cattle say their grace each day

Content to watch and eat and stay.


The fields, they hum a beckoning tune-

To roam, to fly, to surf their dune,


To live with graceful, swaying ease,

To know no bounds, nor responsibilities.


To run and play and frolic free,

To chase the butterfly…or not…as you please.


Walking away, their song remains,

Though I am bound for my life’s restrain.


And as I enter my home’s gate,

I bow my head to plead for grace…


To watch and eat and yes, to stay;

To boundlessly live within the fray.


May 29, 2010

Jennifer Edwards

**For those of you who have just recently joined me here on Drawn2Life:

My neighborhood is right next to a beautiful farm owned and run by an incredibly young 84 year old man named Mr. Whicker.  You can read more about “My Field” here and here and here.  And for even more, you can click on the category “The Field” over in the right-hand margin.  It is a place of inspiration for me which I frequent every day on my walks and as I drive through it, out into the world.

My Little Black Book

Years ago, my mom gave me a little black drawing book.  I think it’s about 5″ x 5″ filled with a wonderful black card-like paper just perfect for soft pastels.  I’ve returned to swiping the luscious colors around on these pages and thought I’d share a few.  These two are from Piano lessons.  Not my lessons, but Maddie’s.  Every week I get to sit out in their “outdoor room”…a wonderful open space so comfortable for sitting and viewing their backyard.  So while Maddie plays piano and learns from Ms. Randi…I get to draw and paint! Come to think of it…I’ve made a good many drawings from this little outdoor space, here and here and here! Perhaps I shall make copies to put in a little book to give to them.

I’ll share some of the other drawings in my little black book soon.  Several of them are of “My Field”.  I may be pairing them with poems I’ve written, both recent and from a couple of years ago.  I have a serious backlog of stuff I want to share with you, so please do come back and visit soon! I just love it when you do!