A ‘Nother Blog…

I know, I know...another one? Really Jen? Yes, really! This one is a quiet space for sharing the grace I receive through knitting and crocheting. So please visit me there and sign up for posts to drop in your email box, if you like. It's a "twin blog"...like the second sock you knit. You'll understand … Continue reading A ‘Nother Blog…

Welcome to my New Home!

Change has been afoot! Lots of mulling, weighing, flip-flopping, sighing, and finally Hip*Hip*Hooraying!! It's all here, under one roof! My website, one blog (merging both Drawn2Life and Knitterly Arts), as well as all the other good stuff offered on those blogs. I hope you enjoy taking a little tour across the red bar up there! So … Continue reading Welcome to my New Home!

My Other Blog!

I don't know if you're aware that I have another blog! I've maintained this one for many years and I've been posting there lately some of my drawings and paintings of flowers. If you're interested, visit me there and consider following Drawn2Life. I'll be posting here soon as I always have knitterly things to share! … Continue reading My Other Blog!

A Side Blog

This post feels a bit scary. I'm going out on a limb and starting a side blog, another blog for a specific purpose and period of time. It is called Letters To An Artist with the tagline being "365 Imagined Letters from the Father to His Artist Child".  Today will be the only time I … Continue reading A Side Blog