An Artful Life Primer

The topic of this book began to take shape soon after my sickness and surgery in 2013. It was June. I'd been doing a lot of thinking, knitting and drawing as I continued to heal, grow stronger and get used to life without a colon. I stood at the sink washing dishes in the beach … Continue reading An Artful Life Primer

Words On A Line

So I was out a 'walking... Sounds like the start of one of my other poems, but really and truly, these things happen while I'm on my walks! Crazy, huh? I got the idea to publish a little book of rhyming words by thinking about the question: What would I title a book of poetry … Continue reading Words On A Line

Call Me Crazy

I know you'll think me crazy But this is what I do ... I love to make and shape things: A painting. A book. Or two. Or three or more ... what shall I say? It's all so fun to me! So you can call me crazy-- My family does already! -jpe 11/20/2013 **Ahem. Well, … Continue reading Call Me Crazy

A Humble Offering

You may or may not have known, but I have been writing a little side blog of encouragement for creative folks. I started these "Letters to an Artist" back in February of this year, as a way to remind myself of what is true about being an artist whose faith undergirds the creativity I seem … Continue reading A Humble Offering

PRE-ORDER for Letters to an Artist

It's getting close to the publishing date for Letters to an Artist!! For those of you who have been following on my other blog, I'm excited to announce that the previous 75 Letters have now been compiled into book form and will be available for purchase on or before the 20th of November!! I have … Continue reading PRE-ORDER for Letters to an Artist


Genevieve has her first children's book out and available to all! Genevieve and the Kite is a story based on a conversation my youngest daughter, Maddie, had with her Aunt Cathy on the porch of our beach house a few years ago. When invited to fly a kite with her cousins, Genevieve responds that she doesn't like … Continue reading **Announcing!!**