I have begun to read Wheesht, a book by Kate Davies, a knitwear designer I have long admired. My dear friend Ellen gave me this book some time ago and I never got around to reading it. Creative Making in Uncertain Times is the subtitle and I came across the book yesterday in an upstairs … Continue reading Wheesht

Books to Inspire!

Every now and then I post about a book I'm reading that inspires me. Last year, around this time, it was Mark Hearld's artwork and book. But it seems lately I've had a passel of books that I just love and I'd like to share them with you, in case you might be interested in … Continue reading Books to Inspire!

A Connection

A Connection Was I cut open so that books could come out? Or was it to make me an open book, my stories to rout? To then be stitched up like the spine of a book— held together when open, is that what it took? To have a permanent spout for books to come out? … Continue reading A Connection

**It’s Giveaway Time!!**

'Tis the season for giving and I want in on the fun! For three individuals out there I am giving away one copy each of my three recently published books: A copy of my new children's book, Genevieve and the Kite! A copy of Letters to an Artist, a book of encouragement for creative folks! … Continue reading **It’s Giveaway Time!!**

Beyond Imagination

In the daze (days) following Saturday's Book Signing and Art Show, I haven't quite known how to blog about the event. From almost the moment I walked into Southwinds Gallery at 3:45 until I stepped out the door at 6:15, it was at the same time-- a blur AND a piercingly memorable evening. I had … Continue reading Beyond Imagination

You’re Invited!

For the first time in many years, I will have artwork represented by a gallery!! I am so very excited about this upcoming Book Signing and Art Show!! Please consider yourself INVITED!! And come out for a grand time at Southwinds Gallery in Kernersville, NC! Bring your kids, family and friends!! Here's what's on tap … Continue reading You’re Invited!