**NEW! Knitterly Cards and Prints!

Hip Hip Hooray!!

My Knitterly Arts ETSY Shop now has more than just patterns!


I’m now offering cards and prints of my original watercolor artwork…drawings and paintings of all things yarn!


Knitting Hands. 5″x5″ Matted Print. $12. Purchase here.


Knitting Color. 5″x 5″ Matted Print. $12. Purchase here.



Set of 6 Cards, 3 each of the above images. $14. Purchase here.

And a couple of Genevieve prints are also now available in my Knitterly Arts Shop…


Drawn2Knit. 5″x7″ Matted Print. $15. Purchase here.


Drawn2Crochet. 5″x7″ Matted Print. $15. Purchase here.

***More Cards & Prints with a Knitterly twist are coming soon!!

*****To celebrate this big day, I’m offering a discount code for 20% off any item in my Knitterly Arts ETSY shop: Just type in CELEBRATE, to receive your discount!

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“Kite” Cards are Here!!


I’m so excited to announce a new set of cards available in my Etsy Shoppe! Created from two of the images in my new children’s book, Genevieve and the Kite, this set of cards is useful for any number of card-giving occasions!

These are two of my favorite images from the book!  “May all your wishes come true!” could be given for a Birthday or Graduation or any special occasion. While “Thanks for being my friend!” could be for just that! Or as a thank you!


Like all the Genevieve card sets, they are packaged in a cellophane bag with a topper that has  “To: and From: ”  on the back of it. Makes it perfect for giving the set to a friend!  Whether you or your friends have the book, all will enjoy these delightful cards to send! The inside of each card is left blank for your message. Envelopes included! And what a wonderful gift set, the Book AND the Cards! Christmas is coming….:)

**Only a few more days until the JDRF Walk for the Cure! We have a few of Maddie’s friends walking with us on Saturday. If you would like to join us for the Walk, please let me know!! We will be there around 9:15 am and the walk begins at 10 am sharp! It’s so much fun! And if you’d still like to make a donation in ANY AMOUNT, I will include your name in a drawing for a FREE copy of Genevieve and the Kite!

I’ll be back after the Walk, hopefully with sketches and photos of the day!:)

A Flower Strewn Path



I’m home! I have a long way to go recuperating from surgery, but I’m home and it is lovely to be here with my family and the comforts of home. There is a lot I could say about the last couple of months. But it is still forming in my mind and heart and feels too raw and dear to put out there in a blog. I have no idea whether I will ever write here about this experience, this lenten journey I’ve been on. In so many amazing ways, I was indeed led to a quiet place. Not one I would have chosen myself. And I do feel I am still on this path.

The beautiful thing about this path is that it has been strewn with flowers! And cards! The above watercolor I made prior to landing in the hospital. My husband, Randy, brought home a bunch of gorgeous flowers for me. I can remember during those hideous days of nearly 24/7 living in a bathroom, that the few moments I had to draw or paint were such a welcome diversion. Once in the hospital, where I stayed for three weeks, the flowers were lavishly sent…tulips, azaleas, dahlias, carnations, roses, mixed bouquets, etc. And the cards…wow, the cards! They are still coming! I love looking at and reading each one. The thoughts and sentiments behind each bouquet and each card overwhelm me, in a good way. The outpouring of concern and care has been staggering. Randy and I are so very grateful.

I only wish that I could’ve made a little painting of each and every bouquet. I do have some pen sketches in my writing journal that I made in the early days at the hospital when they were trying to arrest the Ulcerative Colitis by different medications, none of which my body seemed to respond to. The flowers kept coming in even after surgery and the second surgery. The beautiful azalea is now planted in our front yard, and I look forward to it blooming every year.

One of the things I long to hang onto from all of this, is a slower pace in life. To that end, I will not be blogging as often as I used to. I’m considering combining my three blogs into one, and continuing Letters to An Artist on an “as I can” basis. When you’re given a new lease on life, it is only natural to rethink how you’ve been living and make a few changes. I hope, dear reader, that you will continue to check in with me here on Drawn2Life. There is so much Beauty to share with you. And as always, I hope you’ll join me in looking for and creating a bit of beauty in your own life.

A grand THANK YOU to all of you who have sent healing thoughts, prayed for me, wished me well over the last month. I am truly grateful for each of you.

My Name Was Drawn!!


It is rare that my name is drawn for a giveaway! Partly due to the fact that I haven’t entered my name in very many giveaways, but that’s because I tell myself I would never win. I have proof in the pudding that I’m wrong!! I just won this awesome set of cards by some pretty fabulous illustrators!

I have long admired the work of Suzanne and Edgar Cabrera, a husband and wife illustrator powerhouse, whose website/blog is called An Open Sketchbook. Please visit their blog and Online shop to browse the marvelous drawings, prints & cards.  2012 marked a huge year for them, launching out on their own to do what they love full-time.  They are doing this while also raising two beautiful twin boys. You can read about them in many of their blog posts. This couple lives and works in neighboring Greensboro. Consider following their blog, or at least “liking” An OpenSketchbook on Facebook, so you can receive all their updates. They have been known to teach a sketching workshop at a little shop in Greensboro, and you might want to attend their next one (when they announce this!:), if you live in the area.


I am so very thrilled about my gift: 4 awesome designs in a set of cards that I’ll be putting to use right away! My favorite of them all is “Dream Big”…I just love those skinny legs and feet in the big dress up shoes! Should you wish to purchase this set for your very own, click HERE!

Thank you Suzanne and Edgar for my fabulous gift! And for leading the way in following dreams! I hope 2013 brings many of your creative dreams to life! Merci!

A Favorite B’day Card

I received this card for my birthday from my husband’s brother and his wife.

I love it!  It is so…ME!

And all the CurlyGirlDesigns Cards are simply merveilleux!

Who Are You & How Did You Get Here?


So, I see these statistics on my WordPress stats page of increasing numbers of folks popping in to visit this little patch of blogland.  But the statistics aren’t very helpful.  It seems that some may simply visit the “Home Page”, the posting for the day; others may cruise around from post to post, and some may be brand new to my blog and are looking at the “About” and “Artist Statement” pages.  The stats page tells me there are 107 “Followers”.  The  meaning of this is not real clear to me.  My husband has reminded me there are any number of ways folks “check in” to a blog, and they don’t all require being a “Follower” as WordPress counts it.  Here’s just a few I can think of:

Everyday Matters, both the Yahoo group and the Facebook group.

Facebook & Twitter

RSS Feed.

Subscribing to the blog to receive an email each time I post.  This is a WordPress stat as “Follower”.

Google Reader.  This is how I “check in” to all my favorite blogs…but I don’t think any of the blog “owners” even know that I am checking in via this vehicle.  It doesn’t really land me on their actual site, unless I click to go to it.  I can just read/view the day’s posting.

Ravelry & Etsy.  Folks looking specifically for a pattern or an item to purchase may find me this way.

Pinterest.  I’ve had several links of late coming in from this site.

Direct click.  This might be someone like my mom, who has bookmarked my blog and just clicks on it to visit every so often.

Subject Searches.  Folks finding my blog due to “googling” particular subjects that direct them to my blog.  They may stay all of two seconds, or they might come back regularly…???

And there may be other ways I’m not aware of that folks come in for a visit.  But when I see the WordPress daily stats climbing…I have to wonder:  WHO ARE YOU & HOW DID YOU GET HERE?????

SO.  For this Grand Giveaway, I have three things I’d like to give:  a Zine, a pack of Genevieve cards, and a Genevieve Print.  So, that means THREE people will win something!!!  You won’t know WHAT you’re winning, but that might make it fun too!  Here’s what I’d like you to do:

**Place a comment HERE ON MY BLOG ONLY!  No matter where you come from, even if it’s Google Reader and you have to do the further “click” to land here on the actual blog, PLEASE comment as to How You Got Here!  If it’s your first time visiting, please say how you found this blog.  If you visit often, how do you get here? Facebook? EDM Yahoo? etc.  It would really be fun for me to know who you are and how you get here:)  Please feel free to participate if you live across the waters ANYWHERE!!  I’d love to know about you as well and give you an opportunity to win a little something from me.

***Final Day to place a comment and thus enter your name for the GRAND GIVEAWAY:  Sunday April 29th, 2012.  And tell me in your comment which item you might like best to receive.  I can’t promise it will work out, but I’ll do my best!! I’ll announce the winners on Monday, April 30th.

And a final THANK YOU to all who visit me here, whether you comment or not! I truly appreciate you stopping by my little blogarden.

P.S. If you’re trying to figure out the significance of the above drawing to this post…there isn’t one.  🙂  I just had this image in my head.  Something about Genevieve dreaming of paintings, of color, of blogosphere friends…????  I may be stretching it there.  But sometimes you just gotta draw what’s sittin’ in your head even if you don’t have anything of magnitude to say about it!!

Here are the goodies for the giveaway:

1 person will receive:

another will get:

and another person will receive: