There is something about our current state of affairs that feels like a suspension, hiatus, time-out, or an extended stay-cation. It’s as if the world has been put on hold and we are hovering in place, holding our breath, until we have made it over the bridge, or until we are told we can come … Continue reading Change

Welcome to my New Home!

Change has been afoot! Lots of mulling, weighing, flip-flopping, sighing, and finally Hip*Hip*Hooraying!! It's all here, under one roof! My website, one blog (merging both Drawn2Life and Knitterly Arts), as well as all the other good stuff offered on those blogs. I hope you enjoy taking a little tour across the red bar up there! So … Continue reading Welcome to my New Home!

Change in Direction

Some time ago, in a flurry of excitement, I had a most colorful idea to re-cover a tired looking hassock with crochet!! Bright colors, circles, surrounded by crisp white...yes, this would be perfect! I hook and hook, round and round. My youngest daughter, who likes to sit in the chair next to me and chat … Continue reading Change in Direction

Changing Yarn

There are many reasons why a knitter/crocheter changes yarn midway through a project. It may be that the pattern dictates this. Or the knitter gets bored of the same color and needs a change. Or they run out of a particular color and instead of trying to match the dye lots, she/he just keeps going … Continue reading Changing Yarn

Website Shuffle A few small to the world, big to me, changes are being made 'round here.  One is a rearranging of subject headings on my website.  Drawing & Painting (a link to this blog) is now front and center.  I now have a button for you to click to go straight to my Art Videos.  … Continue reading Website Shuffle