I have received word that my dear friend, Marion Gagan Kovach, has gone home to be with her Savior. The following Reflection was written just this morning, knowing that He might be coming for her very soon. While I am bereft, already feeling lost without my friend's presence here, I wholeheartedly affirm the words of … Continue reading Advent

Charcoal Love

I'm working through a batch of commission work, some of which is in charcoal. I love working with charcoal, especially portraiture. It is incredibly fun to watch a face emerge out of the ash on the page and to see personality peer back at you through the values. So much fun! I realized I never … Continue reading Charcoal Love

Hallow the Moments

Hallow verb hal·low \ˈha-(ˌ)lō\ Definition of hallow transitive verb 1 : to make holy or set apart for holy use 2 : to respect greatly : venerate The last few days I've been thinking about this phrase...Hallow the Moments. It felt like familiar marching orders. Like a tune I've heard many times before just in a … Continue reading Hallow the Moments

Faces & Places!

In recent years, I have received commissions from friends near and far to paint and draw the beautiful faces and places in their lives.  Daughters and sons, homes and land...all are special to the individuals who ask me to honor these things in paint, pastel, or charcoal. I am always honored and humbled to be … Continue reading Faces & Places!

Drawing Your Life: Mini Lesson #8

All the Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons have now been typed up, expanded, revised, updated and published into an ebook for you! Purchase this in my ETSY shop HERE. Just $12 to Discover Your Life Beautiful...One Drawing At A Time! Sincerely, Jennifer Edwards

Baby Step #10: A Zine of My Own

Oh my goodness, I am just tickled pink to offer this little booklet to you! It's my first "zine" which I'm calling an Art Zine since it's a compilation of my drawings, paintings, and writings, some of which is from my blogs, Drawn2Life and Drawn2Be! and some of which has never been seen on either … Continue reading Baby Step #10: A Zine of My Own