Christmas Treasures

Christmas Memories Oh the ache of Christmas, of the years rolling by, of children growing…I cannot stop it, no matter how hard I try. Middle boy says at table- “I don’t get it this year… It doesn’t seem like Christmas Yet it’s almost here. It’s a week away and it feels like any other. The … Continue reading Christmas Treasures

Tree Trimming

There have been many new followers here on Drawn2Life this year. I want to welcome ALL of you! I am really so glad you are here! I'm hoping those of you who have been with me for a while won't mind a few poems written from past holidays.  I love pulling them out along with … Continue reading Tree Trimming

It’s Christmastime!

Come With Me I have so much to share with thee, my online reader and friend, I think I shall post--'til the day that I toast-- the New Year coming 'round the bend. So here I go a rhyming sharing poems present and past. So we can enjoy the season making merry with mirth 'til … Continue reading It’s Christmastime!