Following a Hunch

I posted this close-up pic on Instagram and had a hunch that I would paint it and possibly add some elements of collage. I wasn't sure though. So I started out slowly drawing the contours in pencil. So many times, I am unclear as to how I will proceed with a drawing/painting, but just beginning, … Continue reading Following a Hunch


A dear, longtime friend of mine came to visit with me this week. We are both going through a rough patch it seems, though our situations are very different from one another. She told me a story of how she's been going on walks in her neighborhood where there's a swath of overgrown weeds along … Continue reading Thrive

Collage Eggs Need A Nest

Here's how it happened: I'm in Blowing Rock walking the streets with my mom, pressing our noses to the windows. We see these awesome, cool eggs that have been collaged with torn papers. "Let's make them..." That very day we bought plastic easter eggs and glued small pieces of papers onto them in her studio in … Continue reading Collage Eggs Need A Nest

The Year of the Bird

(Collage by friend & fellow artist Margaret Harrison.) One year ago today I was wheeled into an operating room for the removal of what was killing me- my colon. It was Good Friday. It has been some kind of year. So much so that I can't really wrap my words around it. ... I'm still … Continue reading The Year of the Bird

Owls All Around Me

Can you take it? One more drawn "selfie" in a recent knit? I'm not prone to selfies, but if it allows me an opportunity to draw a face and a bit of knitting...well, ok. I received this gorgeous dusty blue Baby Alpaca Grande yarn by Plymouth from my mom for Christmas. I knew just the … Continue reading Owls All Around Me

Nurture Your Creative Spark

So. After writing the last post about my papier mache birds with shawls, I had an image in my head to work out on paper. It started with writing that bit about having a tendency to make lots of smaller projects when life goes on full tilt.  I looked back at last year around this … Continue reading Nurture Your Creative Spark


I'm not very good at this. At least when you consider the inspiration from which I was drawing. As the whims of my creative fancy cycle through their seasons, I often find myself drooling over the work of mixed media artists out there. There are so many, but recently I came across Roben-Marie Smith's colorful … Continue reading Play!

Deux Collages

My mom and I have been drooling over Mark Hearld's work for several months now. Definitely check out this video of is delightful! I think I got his book back in early February and have attempted some collage works based loosely on how Mark Hearld works. I love the fact that all the images … Continue reading Deux Collages

Random Acts of Paper: Part 4 (Final)

This last card made me think of "Winken and Blinken and Nod sailing off in a wooden shoe...sailed on a river of crystal light, into a sea of dew." It's one of my favorite songs! Not much going on with the back side of the card. I was "done". You know, the itch had been … Continue reading Random Acts of Paper: Part 4 (Final)

Random Acts of Paper: Part 3

Trees! I have a fascination with Trees! When I finished making this one, I kept thinking "Chicka Chicka Boom! Boom!" which is from a favorite children's book by that name and features the alphabet climbing a tree. I really should have photographed this upside down so you could see the little tree on the back … Continue reading Random Acts of Paper: Part 3