Painting with Leaf & Flower

I've been thinking about Carol lately. Wondering if she is out in her butterfly garden getting it ready for spring and a new season of winged visitors. I imagine her deciding to move a plant or two, adding in a few more of this or that, trying something different to attract her favorite species of … Continue reading Painting with Leaf & Flower

The In-Between

In the quiet of early morn, my mind a hummingbird darting from one flower to another, not staying long enough to really drink much in or resolve a thought. This is how I know I'm feeling better. In the early days home from surgery, there's a single-minded response to pain. All energy goes to … Continue reading The In-Between

A Place to Call Home

The most delightful part about commission work, is the people I meet through the process. Yes, I love the drawing and painting. Yes, I like the challenge of trying to climb inside someone else's head to bring forth an image they might like. But the best part is meeting and getting to know the people … Continue reading A Place to Call Home