Drawings Beget Drawings

Perhaps it’s a law of Physics...but it is a reality I’ve noticed time and time again, that when you set your pen to paper and make a drawing, three others are begging to be drawn! You draw the tree and in doing so you notice daffodils are blooming a full month early! And one must, … Continue reading Drawings Beget Drawings

Trees & Me

It really shouldn’t surprise me. Drawing has always been so much more than simply lines on a page. I forget this phenomenon of conversation between hands and heart, of lines bold and thin drawing out what I need to see or acknowledge. Of course I thought, when I set about to draw a tree a … Continue reading Trees & Me

Whoa and Wow

2018. Wow. Am I just now realizing the magnitude of this? Nearly two and a half months into it, this number, a big one, it tells where I am, how far along I've come since 1965. This year, this 2018, I will be 53 and will celebrate 30 years married and will see my children … Continue reading Whoa and Wow

Major On One Thing At A Time

I often learn about living life from the process of drawing. That sentence sounds a bit odd. But it never ceases to amaze me how the act of drawing informs life, just as living informs drawing. For those who have followed me here for some time, this is not news to you. Here and here … Continue reading Major On One Thing At A Time

Draw What You Live

For me, drawing my life is a direct link to loving my life. Take the above for example. I did not set about it with any thought that I needed to love my life more, or that I was going to find my heart pulled in the direction of my life, just as it is … Continue reading Draw What You Live

Morning Lines

In case it was difficult to follow the written lines along with the drawn ones, here's the poem. All lines, written and drawn, were made over the last three mornings. Morning Lines   There’s something about morning All the world seems right. The day ahead teems with possibilities As my creative heart takes flight.   … Continue reading Morning Lines

Unique Perspective

I just gasped to see the date on this sketch. Gheesh! I am amazed at how long I've been battling this disease. And so glad it is now cured. Symptoms began just before Christmas, though they were mild then. As the disease progressed and symptoms worsened, I tried to get an appointment to see my … Continue reading Unique Perspective

Sustainable Art

Last weekend, when Maddie was sick, it made me remember a wonderful morning just a couple of days before with two visiting artist friends from Reidsville. After combing the creations in Eclection, Vintage Jane, and Renew, we sat talking away at Amalfi's about how to be artists in and around our lives as mothers. It's … Continue reading Sustainable Art

Dropping Down

  This moment, right here, is where i need to be. Drinking in the lines & curves of the NOW life which is SO unassuming, SO simple, perhaps not even note-worthy. And yet...in drawing, i find worth and value in just BEING. BEING still, being focused on here and not on there. This dropping-down of … Continue reading Dropping Down

A Line for Maddie

Friends of ours who went to live overseas, said to those of us sending them off, that we were the ones holding the line on the other end for them.  I loved that thought! And, as an artist, the idea that I hold one end of the drawn line as they "draw" the lines of … Continue reading A Line for Maddie