Our neck of the woods received a wallop of snow last weekend! As if the excitement and delight of SNOW isn't enough, I've also been sensing a familiar tingle, a bit more than I have in previous weeks. It began with sketches showing up in my writing journal. The tingle continued and is now waking … Continue reading Tingle

Michelle’s Challenge: “Go Big!”

One of the artists whose work I admire on the One Drawing A Day blog, Michelle Bedigian, posed a challenge over a week ago. She recounted that one of her former teachers had challenged her to "Go Big" when she went out to sketch on site. This was to shake things up a bit and … Continue reading Michelle’s Challenge: “Go Big!”

When our Best isn’t Good Enough

  Living Artfully is a journey fraught with surprises both delightful and bothersome. Experiencing a long awaited dream come true, as in the publishing of Genevieve and the Kite, is wonderfully fulfilling. Yet, as it goes out into the world, it brings back responses. Some of them are positive, uplifting, and encouraging. Other responses are … Continue reading When our Best isn’t Good Enough

When Life is Boring…

It seems like there's a lot of resonance with these thoughts on reaching our full potential, blasting through creative blocks, and living an artful life. I love it! Danny Gregory compiled a few of these in a recent blog post, and has been tackling the topic of the "monkey" in our brain that accuses us … Continue reading When Life is Boring…

Just Wonderin’…

...what's up ahead... I'm strangely wordless as I face a New Year rolling in. 2012 was a beautiful year, for many reasons both creatively and personally. I'll detail some of that in an upcoming post. But I feel a sweet hush around me as I contemplate a new year ahead. The possibilities. The unexpected. The … Continue reading Just Wonderin’…

Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

If I climbed up to the tippy-top of a tree, and held out my bucket- Could I catch the sun-drops, and keep them with me... ...then share with others at the base of the tree? -jpe If any creative act, (be it visual, musical, theatrical, written or otherwise), is a definitively spiritual endeavor, then there … Continue reading Pulling Down Deep Heaven: Part 2

Do I Dare?

It might be fun! Whilst knitting lately in between drawing and commission works, I've developed an itch to blog about knitting.  So I'm thinking of swinging a bit over on Drawn2Knit.  If you're interested in all things knitting, crocheting, yarn, etc....please join me!  I will still post here as well! So much to draw and … Continue reading Do I Dare?

Multi-Colored Pens!

I recently went through a phase. Ha! One of many I tend to move in and out of.  It keeps things fresh.  It keeps me on my toes.  Different ways to view and then capture a place or a person. All of my Flexi-Sketch drawings are done with multi-colored pens and Neocolor II crayons added … Continue reading Multi-Colored Pens!

A Big Day!

Today we take our oldest child to college. A small truck and a van are packed full of her things. And I'm wondering if it will all fit into her dorm room at Wingate! A host of emotions have been flurrying around our house and in my heart lately.  But this morning, I'm thankful. Thankful … Continue reading A Big Day!