Gone Flickr-ing!

Well. I don’t know if I’m crazy. But it sure does SEEM crazy that when the goin’ gets tough, the drawings pile up! And with the drawings piling up, and my blog time diminishing, I thought I’d go Flickr for a while!

You see, I got this cool little sketchbook, 6″ x 6″, recently on a trip to my favorite art supply store in Boone: Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.  Last week as I was facing teacher workdays and the crazy busy start of a new school year for myself, our college-bound daughter, and our other two kids(one high school, one elementary), I thought it would be fun to begin working in this little book for several reasons:

*One, to have a small space in which to work.  Not too big.  Not too little.  For little sketches.

*Two, to limit the type of medium I use in it.  My usual MO is to flit around with every kind of medium, from pens to watercolors, to oil pastels, to crayons, to collage, etc.  With this one, I wanted to fill it with just ONE combination: colored pens & Neocolor II Crayons (the watercolor ones).

*Three, to set myself the challenge of filling this little book, all 240 pages with the above mentioned medium choice.

*Four, to allow myself the few minutes, here and there, to make a little drawing for my own sanity.  To either sketch the lines on the spot, “from life”, OR to go through our awesome photos my husband and I have pooled together on my ipad, and draw from them.

*Five, to NOT blog about them…but just Flickr them! I don’t know how much time I’ll have to write blog posts in the coming weeks, but I thought I could upload the little drawrings to Flickr for you to enjoy if you want to. I WILL NOT be tweeting about them OR posting on Facebook, after this, so…

*…IF you’d like to have a notice sent to you that I’ve uploaded new drawings to Flickr, you can subscribe to my Flickr account.  I already have 14 drawings there, listed in the Flexi-Sketch category.

Go ahead and visit by clicking these blue words!! Then click on the category on the right, titled Flexi-Sketch.

Meanwhile, I’ll be off drawing in the margins of my crazy life! If you see a lady with untamed hair and a little orange sketchbook in her hands, you’ll know it’s me!

See you around the Flickr-ing Pool!

Goofy Guy

Here’s my guy being goofy! What’s that you say? Randy being Goofy? Yep. His inner middle-school-child loves to joke around with unsuspecting people! So here’s the story:

We have a restaurant here in Kernersville (K’Vegas to locals) called Terri’s Deli. Randy loves this restaurant and eats there frequently, lingering with his laptop to “work”.  In summer, the owner’s young son helps out in various ways.  This young man was the recipient of Randy’s goofiness this day.

While making his order, Randy picked up a fridge magnet with Terri’s Deli logo on it .  Randy says to the young fella,”If I place this magnet on my head, do you think it will stick?”

Boy responds, “Not unless you have metal in your head.”

Randy proceeds to place the magnet on his forehead, and amazingly, it sticks! The boys jaw drops.

Randy’s surprised too, “Well, I guess I do have metal in my head…and that would explain a lot!”

A lot…indeed! 🙂

The Dreaming Tree

I sit beneath the dreaming tree
letting heart run wild and free.

The path to here is long but sure.
For crazy days this is my cure.

Lean and long, grow and gaze,
Wonder at how beauty plays

On dappled thoughts here and there.
My tree whispers love and care.

-jpe (jennifer pilkington edwards)

My Dad’s Poem in response to this one:

Your Dreaming Tree means much to me
Because of it I long to see
My own dazzling Dreaming Tree
To sit beneath and once again a poet be
For time and care and pain, all three
Have robbed my soul of dreams of He
Whose very soul made my tree.

-edward lee pilkington 8/4/2012

And then, my response to his poem:

Dear dad, be assured of thy dreaming tree
For it grows beside my own, so tall and willowy.

Though many storms have bent it low
It sways in the breeze with graceful flow.

Knots and scars have made it strong
Weathered bark withstands the throng.

Within its willows live countless ones
Who through its branches have seen the Son.

I know one day you will once again be
dreaming under your willow tree.

When time and care and pain is o’er
We’ll sit  ‘neath our trees on that glistening shore.

And write our poems of the Beauty we see
Then dance the days together, just my daddy and me.

-jpe 8/4/2012

Joslin Diabetes Center

Maddie and I are enjoying visits to the new Joslin Diabetes Center.  The beautiful bright colors make you forget that the reason you are here is because your child has a life-threatening disease which requires ongoing management and education.  This morning, we met with the wonderful Kathie Cooper, our diabetes educator. I say “our”, because it really is education for ME (maybe moreso) as much as it is  for Maddie.

The start of each school year brings all kinds of preparations and a bit of anxiety.  There are forms to fill out, meetings to “educate” her teachers, sorting out her daily schedule and when things will happen, like lunch, P.E., recess, snack.  We are so thankful for how her elementary school has worked with us in caring for Maddie and assisting her with her diabetes.  This year, she and I are wanting the school to allow her more independence in the management of her Type 1 Diabetes. This might be a little tricky…so I am now armed with the legalities of what school’s should provide by law.  It is both daunting and liberating to work toward my daughter, eventually, being completely independent in her diabetes care.  Maddie is ready for the next steps in this.  I am ready too…I think.

The other thing I have on my radar right now (along with far too many other pressing and huge matters such as, oldest going off to college, mother starting radiation, my own teacher workdays beginning soon…) is the Walk to Cure Diabetes sponsored by JDRF in Winston-Salem, NC on October 27th!!!  Maddie and I missed this last year (largely due to my own overwhelm), but I am determined to not let this year pass us by!  It is such a wonderful event: so encouraging to Maddie and all of us who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes in our families.  I’m hoping to design t-shirts for our team, gather some friends to walk with us, and raise money for a Cure.

Word has it that a Cure could be within the next decade.  That would be a dream come true!

Maybe I’m Just A Little Girl…

This is the refrain from one of my FAVORITE songs by one of my FAVORITE musician/singer/songwriters: Mindy Gledhill.

You just gotta listen to her music!

It’s the most wonderfulest!

Life Is A Garden

Walking down my favorite lane this morning, my thoughts flitted over the empty wheat field, and landed in the garden area near the end of Silver Dapple Lane.  Mr. Whicker has given this end of his field to his tenants who live in homes on his land.  They have a thriving garden full of corn, tomatoes, squash, beans, and tons of other veggie goodies.

The gardeners were out working in the morning cool.  As I walked by I told them how wonderful their garden looked.  The man gardener responded, “We’re just trying to keep up with it!”

Understanding his meaning, I turned to walk back down the lane and reflected on how his phrase was exactly what I’ve been thinking lately, and how very much like a garden, this life we live IS.

There was a time, in the cool of spring and youth, that I prepared the soil (college) in which many seeds would be planted for a future life.  Those young twenties years seemed full of energy to plant and weed and tend the small garden.

But something crazy happens mid-to-late summer…the garden goes POOF and takes off in every direction.  You can’t weed enough, harvest fast enough, prune enough, fight pestilence and drought hard enough.  You lean on your hoe and wonder, “Why did I plant so much?  I can’t keep up with it.”

I’m trying to remember, in my mid-to-late summer life these days, in my POOFED garden, that I am actually only an under-gardener.  (Is that a real word?) There’s a Master Gardener tending the garden of my life, my husband’s life, and our children’s lives.  It ISN’T all up to me.

I just need to keep weeding here and there, watering daily, harvesting what I can, and tending as I’m able.

P.S.  The above drawing was made entirely with Neocolor Watercolor Crayons. Well, except for the little bit of the girl and my name in a waterproof fine-liner.  But did you know, that you can splatter with these crayons??  Here’s how:

Take your wet watercolor brush (fairly wet, but not too sopping) and brush it several times on the tip of the crayon to get the pigment on it.  Then splatter away! Too cool.

My Makeover by Mia

With her palette of blushes, eye and lip colors, my 5 year old neice looked searchingly at my face and said, “Now let’s see…”

She commenced to giving me about 5 different layers of lip color and liner, two shades of blue and green blush which she carefully blended, and a trio of bright blue, purple and pink for my eyes. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, she placed both of her hands on either side of my face, assessing her work, and finally pronounced, “That’s just right!”

The tender exchange of of this young artist to my blank canvas face, made me wonder…If a child paints your face in rainbow colors…is it because she sees you this way, in bright happy colors?

I like to think so.

You never know what a trip to the beach with your husband’s family will bring. 🙂




A Day at the Beach…

“A day at the beach is like silk in your hands…” I dunno. Even though there’s sand and salty water, it’s just how it feels to me…silky, blythe days unfurling in color and doodles.

P.S. I’m using my ipad for blogging, including taking the pictures. The color is not nearly so vibrant as the actual page in my sketchbook. Oh well. It’s fun anyways!