Two New FREE Patterns to Crochet!

I am finally finished typing up and can now offer to you two new crochet patterns! FREE for the making! Two things for for your hands... And one for your shoulders... You could even crochet them with coordinating colors! Ooooohhhh....that would be fun! Both are simple designs using basic crochet stitches. I designed them for my beginning to … Continue reading Two New FREE Patterns to Crochet!

An Artful Life Primer

The topic of this book began to take shape soon after my sickness and surgery in 2013. It was June. I'd been doing a lot of thinking, knitting and drawing as I continued to heal, grow stronger and get used to life without a colon. I stood at the sink washing dishes in the beach … Continue reading An Artful Life Primer

Cast On

Here's where it all starts. Make a slip knot and begin. Cast on a desired number of stitches and then work the rest of the piece from there. There's no way around it really. You have to cast on. Even if it's only two stitches. Or two hundred. This is how we begin. Yet it … Continue reading Cast On

May Knitterly Arts Newsletter!

My Knitterly Arts Newsletter for the month of May is now out and about! Be sure to subscribe to receive it every month FREE in your email box. Wishing you an artful day! *** Jennifer

Yarned In!

I don't know what comes over me! If there's even the slightest prediction of snow accumulation above one inch, I seem to go into a trance. A yarn trance that is. Creative cogs in high gear, I pull down yarns from various sections of the house, putting them in my big white bowl to see … Continue reading Yarned In!

Where Real Women Create

I have, for a few years now, enjoyed getting my hands on a magazine called, Where Women Create. It is a beautifully photographed magazine showcasing the studios and crafting rooms of women from all over the United States, possibly in other countries as well. It is wonderful to read about how these artists/crafters got to be … Continue reading Where Real Women Create

I Will Create!

This is an oldy I wrote years ago, but I've been running the words in my head of late. We can so easily be consumed by the sadness in this world: mass killings of humanity, hunger abroad and in our own towns, financial woe, health issues, family matters, work difficulties, etc. I choose to stand … Continue reading I Will Create!

A Bunting We Will Go

  A bunting we will go...A bunting we will go...High ho the derry-oh...a bunting we will go! Tee Hee! This little project was so much fun to work on the last few days. It really didn't last long enough! But I'm enjoying the end result and it seems my family loves it too! A bit … Continue reading A Bunting We Will Go