Genevieve’s Little Secret

So…you remember my desk?


And the process it went through to bring it from a state of chaos (above drawing)…


…to order? (this drawing)

Well. A week ago, I was sitting at my nice desk and offhandedly said to my husband, “I’m doing pretty good keeping my desk clear, don’t you think?” He then walked over to me with a wry smile on his face, put his arm around my shoulder and said, “Yes, honey, you’re doing great. But I’ve been tempted to secretly post on your blog a pic of that corner up in our bedroom and title it, Genevieve’s Little Secret.”


Well. So I’m coming clean here and confessing to you that most of the stuff I cleared off my desk and the surrounding area, got put up in a corner of our bedroom temporarily. <blush>

At least I MEANT it to be temporary!!! Honestly, I really and truly intended to sort through all of it and put it in proper places!! (Now I’m hearing in my head some sort of quote about good intentions paving a road somewhere?? oh never mind…) But there it sits, still to this day. Golly.

So now you know. Yes, there was that lovely little process that led to a clean and uncluttered desk. But the result was a cluttered corner in another room. Which now must undergo the same process!!!  Oi! What’s a girl to do?

Of course…drawing the cluttered corner and blogging about it, helps, right? <sigh>

I’m preparing myself for the desk to experience an explosion this week. I’ll be getting ready for our school’s Book Fair on Thursday evening and for the Craft and Artistry Bazaar on Saturday!! I’ll be at both functions with Genevieve and the Kite  and I do hope I see you at one of these events!!  It’s gonna be FUNNN!!!