Spinning My Wheels

I stepped into an elevator. I was the only one in it and as the door closed I looked for a button to push. One single silver button was barely visible in the oddly painted interior of this elevator. I pushed it and immediately I began going up. But not for long. The elevator stopped. I pressed the button again and it began to go down. Or at least it felt like “we” were going down. The elevator stopped again and while searching for the button to push, I realized you couldn’t really tell where the door was due to the all over sponged paint job inside the elevator. Finding the button, I pushed it and once again I could feel the elevator going up, the familiar whirring sound of gears and machinery, letting me know I was indeed moving. Or was I?

This time the elevator didn’t stop. It just kept right on going…up…I felt sure. I began to hear voices outside the elevator. Two men. One was perhaps an elevator mechanic, the other the owner of the building. They seemed to be discussing what was wrong with the elevator. Theories and possible solutions were being bantered about as I continued to go up and I began to worry that the elevator might not stop, like the one in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

I looked up and saw that there was no ceiling to the elevator. There was however, a roof belonging to the building but I was in no danger of busting through the roof because the elevator was not moving after all! There was the sensation of movement, the sounds of an elevator working, but in fact “we” weren’t going anywhere…stalled at the ceiling while others tried to figure out how to fix it.

This morning’s dream seems all too true as I have found myself saying to a friend or two that I feel like I’m “spinning my wheels”. Each time these words have inadvertently flown out of my mouth, a little grin begins at the corners, for I realize that indeed I HAVE been spinning my wheels, and my drop spindles and support spindles. I typically think of this expression – spinning my wheels – as a description of being stuck in a muddy hole and the vehicle’s tires being unable to get any traction. Going nowhere fast. All the work and daily grind, but no forward movement for all our efforts. My elevator dream was in fact a fairly accurate depiction of how life feels for many of us during this pandemic.

Sitting on my desk is a lovely pile of freshly plied yarn. I have left it sitting there, instead of putting it away in a ziplock bag (on account of the cat), to remind me of a simple truth…

Spinning my wheels will, someday, in the end,

yield something beautiful and useful.

I’m holding onto this Golden Thread because most days feel a lot like sitting with wool twisting in my hands over and over and over again. And though I dearly love that repetitive work, it helps me to remember that bobbins are being filled and beautiful yarn is, despite everything, being made for use later. I do look forward to a day when we will be able to see some positive outcomes of our daily “going nowhere” in the elevator of COVID 19.


Dear Reader…I’d love to know how you are holding onto a Golden Thread? What is helping you through the uncertain days? ❤️

A Vision


For several months now, there have been rumblings under my feet. I felt it in the months leading up to my surgery in June and have continued to sense this in the days following.

It’s a shift in focus, even if it is somewhat dimmed at times, a new path or direction, a revisiting of paths I haven’t been on in a while, a joining of creative loves to make for an artful life’s work.

The above depiction gives you an idea of what I see when I close my eyes and envision the years ahead. Tree canopies are made of yarn, supported by trunks of paint brushes and all kinds of drawing & writing tools.

This blend of creative loves will include teaching knitting and crochet classes again. I am so excited about connecting with women who are wanting to learn and broaden their ability to knit and crochet. It is so enjoyable to get to know women from all walks of life with a common love we share.


I am also continuing to paint commissions, and am currently illustrating a book for someone. I’ll continue drawing in and around my town of Kernersville with my drawing friends.

I plan to continue creating/designing patterns for folks to knit and/or crochet various yarn projects. I have a lot of them I have not typed up into patterns yet. This is a very satisfying thing for me: the idea that someone elsewhere in our country or across the waters is sitting in her living room knitting something from one of my patterns is just too cool!! I try to write my patterns as if I were sitting right there with her as she knits or crochets.

I also want to create a line of cards and prints for yarn enthusiasts. Hopefully this will happen sooner rather than later!

My second Genevieve book is ready to illustrate! I plan on starting that very soon!!:)

And there are many more ideas swimming around in this little head of mine. It does feel like it might explode sometimes, but it’s wonderful to think of the days ahead being filled with one or more of the above. I’m grateful to have the chance to really give it a go.


So today. The kids are all in school. I have a painting on my easel ready to complete this week. I have a knitting design in the making and black and white line drawings on my drawing table.

What I envision may morph and change in the days ahead. That’s ok. With dreams and plans we have to hold them firmly but loosely. Is that possible? Firmly enough to be diligent in pursuing them. Loosely enough to allow them to be redirected.

I hope you’ll join me in this new venture!

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