*Patsy’s Perfect Tunic: Free Pattern!!

STOP whatever you are doing/making right now and RUN like mad to your stash or your LYS to buy some Super Bulky yarn!! Now! Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200! Well, if someone offers you $200, take it, so you can buy some yarn and make this tunic! That's how I felt when I saw … Continue reading *Patsy’s Perfect Tunic: Free Pattern!!

*New Pattern!

Finally!! I've added a new pattern to my Etsy Shop! It's a sweater and sweater/vest I've been wanting to offer for quite some time. It just takes time to write a pattern properly, with all the information you want to offer so that others can be successful in making it. Appalachian Comfort  A Beginner Sweater (with … Continue reading *New Pattern!