Knit Together! (and Crochet!)


I’m not sure how to put into words the joy that I have with these dear friends. I wish I could write more eloquently about them to make up for the lack in my photography skills. These four women occupy a very dear spot in my heart. That spot is all soft and squishy, colorful and textured, just like the yarns we run through our fingers.



Many years ago, this spot began to grow as I met each of them in a beginning knitting class I was teaching at one of our local yarn stores. Bobbie, Ellen, Pat, and Tracy (from left to right, after myself on the very left in the lime green top) were all learning to knit. As we knitted yarn together we found our lives being knit together as well. We started to go to plays together and make trips out of town to yarn shops. We began meeting for lunch at restaurants and in each other’s homes. Each of us, so different in our backgrounds and station in life, realized common ground in our enjoyment and love for each other. This has only grown over the years, even when we didn’t get together as regularly as we are now.


One of the things I wanted to do this fall was to establish a regular time with these friends. They all wanted to grow their knitting and crochet skills, so we’ve been meeting once a week all fall to learn new techniques, to work on projects, and mostly to talk and laugh!! These photos are taken from our Christmas Making Party last night.


I absolutely loved seeing the table strewn with yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, ribbons, buttons, thread, delicious treats to eat, and tea to drink! It is amazing none of our yarn trees fell over into the foods! We all had a great time learning to make these incredibly simple trees from a basic knitted or crocheted square!



I found the idea from a favorite blog I follow, called The Twisted Yarn, where she showed step by step how to create these simple decorations. I also made one with a crocheted square and varied the size of the knitted square to see how it makes up in a smaller version. ALL of them turned out so charming and delightful, even with their wonky shapes!


Though we’re taking a break for the holidays, I’m already looking forward to our weekly Knit Knites in the New Year! All but one have taken to learning to crochet, so I’m dreaming up inspiration for them as they add to their skills. They are now pressuring the “one” to join the crochet bandwagon!

KnitKniteXmas2 I love to teach knitting and crochet! I have enjoyed getting back into teaching numerous classes this fall at Knit One Smock Too!! It is a delight to watch ladies “get” it, and take off with their needles or hooks. But it is equally a delight to meet women from all walks of life and get to know them even if it’s just for a one-time class or a four week class. It has been an EXTRA privilege to be able to continue the friendships made with these four women, who are now my dear friends.

I’d encourage everyone who loves to knit and/or crochet, to find a group to join and invest in the friendships you will find there! The camaraderie of yarn lovers is like none other! You’ll be blessed with a huge spot of joy in your heart!

From Vision to Reality


From this sketch of an idea before starting to knit…


To the final version in reality!


Husband took these photos on a blustery day at the top of our neighborhood, in front of Mr. Whicker’s farm.


Being silly ’cause I love my new sweater very much!


Here are some up close photos in not so good lighting. 🙁


As the sweater evolved, I felt it needed a band at the bottom to lengthen it. Seed Stitch at the bottom kept the edge from rolling AND seemed the perfect stitch for a flower sweater.

I LOVED doing the embroidered lettering!


The stems and leaves made ME laugh!

I had to keep trying on the sweater to see how it draped and thus how the stems should flow. 🙂


And of course, I had to take Brown Sweater’s photo on Genevieve, the name of my dress form. I’ve had my dress form a bit longer than illustrated Genevieve has been with me. I must like that name, a little bit.

**Do you see how I “wrote” Emerson as the stem of the last flower?

That little flower is also the period at the end of the quote,

“The  earth laughs in flowers.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


This will be the perfect thing to wear to the Art Show at my school this Thursday.

It’s going to be a grand evening!

Knitting Evolution


When one embarks upon a knitting or crochet project, it undergoes an evolution of sorts. From the cast on row through to the binding off, any assembly or embellishment, it. i.s evolving. Brown sweater is especially so!


It began with a fairly simple original design (which I have not typed up in pattern form…yet!) and a vision in my head of what it would become. Lots of embellishing! Then as I blocked it, and began adding the floral flourishes, I was seeing it in a different way. And now it is evolving even more!


I think I’m seeing what it might actually be one day soon. But it may evolve yet again, I don’t know. I’m just along for the ride, responding to each phase of development.


Thanks for coming along for the ride with me! Enjoy these peeks into Brown Sweater’s evolution! Some day soon, I hope to have an exciting reveal!


A Vested Interest


I love knitting vests! Perhaps it’s because, without sleeves, you’re finished in nearly half the time! Perhaps it’s because they’re less bulky than a sweater, or because they aren’t too hot in our moderate winters here in the piedmont of NC. But overall I guess it’s because the knitting is fairly simple and straightforward.


I do like adding little embellishments here and there. I didn’t have a pattern for this vest, so I just did whatever came to mind…a little pocket on the front, a decoration on the back.

This vest is knitted with Noro Silk Garden Lite. There really is nothing better than the colorways Noro has in all their lines of yarn! They are an artist’s yarn for sure…rich, saturated colors with lovely grays and neutrals mixed in. I worked the striping by knitting four rows of one ball of yarn, then switching to a different ball of the same yarn, but starting with a different color. Does that make sense? Anyway, it was a quick and fun knit. I used ceramic buttons I had made several years ago while visiting some potter friends of mine in Reidsville. I loved using the different shapes down the front, adding a bit of whimsy to the overall look.

 I’m getting ready to start another vest, one a bit longer than this one. I absolutely love cropped vests and sweaters, but I want to see what I can come up with for a longer version. Do you have a favorite vest you’ve knitted? Do tell! I’d love to hear/see all about it!