I Wish…

I wish I could paint or stitch for you the warm light streaming in our home this morning. Coming downstairs is often an awakening experience as we receive such lovely light through the eastern side of our windowed home. It was glowing through the shades, an autumn sunlight, warm and golden and a touch muted … Continue reading I Wish…

To Sit With What Is :: A New Year’s Surrender

There is something delicious about standing at the edge of a new year! It feels like starting a brand new sketchbook (oh the possibilities!), or casting on a new fair isle project (the colors, designs and so many knits & purls to look forward to!), or setting out fabric scraps with an eye to what … Continue reading To Sit With What Is :: A New Year’s Surrender

A Jolly July!

July is here!! And I'm super excited about this month for lots of reasons. There will be celebrations - the Fourth, our daughter's half-birthday, and my own birthday at the end of the month. There will be travels - we are driving to Arkansas to pick up our son who is performing with Opera in … Continue reading A Jolly July!

Befriending Curiosity

Do you ever look around your studio and scratching your head, wonder...What am I doing here? Not because you have a temporary lapse of memory as to your location (which happens to me on occasion ;/), but because the things you are making are new and different in some way. I find myself scratching my … Continue reading Befriending Curiosity

A New Pattern: Roomy Tunic!

I've actually had this pattern out in my ETSY shop for a few weeks and just have not taken the time to let you know about it. I've been wearing mine and loving how it fits and how comfortable it is. The added cowl is just perfect for the cold weather we're having. This is a … Continue reading A New Pattern: Roomy Tunic!

A Recent Conversation

Curiosity: "Hmmm...I wonder what my line drawings would look like embroidered?" Reason: "What, really? Ok, seriously...you're not thinking of starting something new are you?" Curiosity: "Why not? It would be fun! Just give it a go, and see what comes of it." Reason: "Jen, come on...you have so many projects going now already!! You do … Continue reading A Recent Conversation