Could It Be?

Could it be, in these small un-arted hours, beauty is wrought? Could it be, in dishes and diapers, laundry and lunches, heaven is laid out? Could it be, in lack and leanness, provision is lavished? Could it be, in faces - not fancies - that fullness is found? Could it be, as I embrace the … Continue reading Could It Be?

What I Really Want for Christmas

The month of December is filled with distractions.  I'm moving from here to there to yonder with increased speed. Lights and tinsel pulling my eyes from where my feet are planted. To-do lists lengthening with each passing day. Longings abound for more provision, more peace, and an ability to make just the right holiday celebration … Continue reading What I Really Want for Christmas

Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share

Just like oozly watercolors on paper, the colorful mind of an artist can turn to mud with the introduction of just one wrong thought. You don't think of it as a "wrong" color to add in the mix with all the rest. You think "oh I'm just assessing the work", "I'm just analyzing" or "I'm … Continue reading Nothing to Prove, Everything to Share

Kaleidoscope Living

Some days, all I see is brokenness. Everywhere, in my own life and in the lives of my friends, family, community, state and country...things are broken. Marriages and dreams, health and finances, family ties and good intentions, all have some aspect of brokenness - a tearing of the fabric,  holes of emptiness, or just flat-out … Continue reading Kaleidoscope Living

All My Attention

Every drawing tells a story. It doesn't matter whether it is abstract or representational, detailed or dashed off, unfinished or speaks of life in that moment, what was going on either in the artist's physical world or in their feelings and thoughts. More often than not, it encompasses both. I often feel like Irene, … Continue reading All My Attention

Sketchbook Chat #3

I'm getting a bit better! This one is under 15 minutes! Woo! Hoo! In this Sketchbook Chat I share a demonstration of adding watercolor to a drawing of a privacy fence. What I aim for in these videos is not to teach you exactly how to hold the brush or apply the paint, but ways … Continue reading Sketchbook Chat #3

Wood Pile

I sat on the back deck to draw the gray-brown wood piled and ready for the chiminea. What drove me out here was a crazy busy day that had crowded out all illusions of peace as well as any significant time to create. I just needed to draw. Just sit for a few minutes and … Continue reading Wood Pile

Under the Lily Pads

Yesterday I sat by a pond on the property of Smith Hollow Farm to draw. My pen followed the contours of the half-cloven pads with their stout yet delicate lilies popping up here and there. Some were mere bulbs yet to bloom, others had unfurled and outstretched their usual cup-like shape. Rich color everywhere. This … Continue reading Under the Lily Pads

Which is It?

I was asked this on a couple of occasions during the Eclection Art Show on Saturday. "So which is it you love the most? Drawing? or Knitting?" That has not been an easy thing to answer for many years. My own agony over which takes precedence over the other has been excruciating at times. Recently though, … Continue reading Which is It?

A Newsletter for You!

I now have a FREE Newsletter to offer you!! At the end of last week I worked with MailChimp, an awesome newsletter creating site, to send out my first one. It is full of inspiration to keep the fiber flowing in your hands! I have all sorts of ideas and plans for this little newsletter, … Continue reading A Newsletter for You!