For Now

I say this quite frequently — For now, this will be fine. For now, this is good. I’m ok with it this way, for now. Two little words that carry a ton of meaning. FOR. There is purpose wrapped up in these three letters. Intention, will, focus and offering. This is FOR you. I do … Continue reading For Now

I Wish…

I wish I could paint or stitch for you the warm light streaming in our home this morning. Coming downstairs is often an awakening experience as we receive such lovely light through the eastern side of our windowed home. It was glowing through the shades, an autumn sunlight, warm and golden and a touch muted … Continue reading I Wish…

A Making “Retreat”

Hold onto your hat and grab a cup of tea...this post is long. Not in words so much as in pictures! Lots of photos documenting last week, the week in-between Christmas week and back-to-school week. I decided to declare it a Making Retreat Week. Well, the retreat part was really just imaginary. I wanted to … Continue reading A Making “Retreat”

Love, Love, Love!!!!

Be still my beating heart!!! This past Monday was a day off from school for my kids.  Maddie and I often declare such days, "A Making Day".  Sometimes we work on something together, sometimes we work on our own projects silently, with music going, but nevertheless together.  These are sweet memories I will always cherish. … Continue reading Love, Love, Love!!!!