A Favorite Barn

At the end of a road down which I walk each day, is a wonderful old barn. This barn sits on Smith land and is a part of Smith Hollow Farm where my artist friend Debbie and I have spent many a happy morning drawing the land, their horses, goats, and donkey named Elvis. As … Continue reading A Favorite Barn

Out and About

I've been out drawing various places on Friday mornings and relishing every ¬†minute! My friend Debbie and I parked our drawing chairs¬†in the Gardens, finding all kinds of autumn beauty to draw and paint. A few weeks ago, we ventured just across the street from where I live, to draw the horses at Smith Hollow … Continue reading Out and About

A New View

I am a creature of habit. I wake up around the same time each morning. I love my morning routine of walking, journaling, reading, writing. I eat meals at approximately the same times each day. I have favorite sketchbooks I stick with. I shop for groceries at the same places. I drive the same routes … Continue reading A New View