The Blank Canvas

I've been tackling a small pile of commissions these last few weeks. Charcoal portraits. Watercolor on paper. Acrylic on canvas. I am not finished with the pile by any means, but have noticed that it takes a HUGE amount of effort to work through the resistance that comes with a blank sheet of paper or canvas. I … Continue reading The Blank Canvas

Stress & Creativity

"Stress can be addiction and worry can be our lunge for control and we forget the answer to this moment." -Ann Voscamp, pg. 143 One Thousand Gifts Devotional There they are, words on a page that leap out at me in the semi-dark, silent, not-quite morning. I had previously stumbled onto a site online where … Continue reading Stress & Creativity

Fear Not

Tomorrow is Halloween. And I'm thinking about spectres. Spooks of a different kind that do not just come out to haunt at Halloween, but which tend to hover and linger all year round. We are a Harry Potter loving family. Would that there was something like chocolate I could eat or do to banish the dementors. … Continue reading Fear Not